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  1. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    hey ppl..
    what follows are a few tips ,suggestions and stuff..that i think will help every guitarist whether beginner or a develop his/her skills...

    points every guitarist should take note of-


    here are the common flaws most of u take up either due to improper guidance,or laziness on ur own behalf.

    a)NEVER brace ur picking hand-

    bracing ur hand may seem fruitful initially,but belive me it will never even let u have a taste of the dreams u have set for urselves.

    b)LOVE your alternate picking(more than u love ur women)-

    never ever give up alternate picking,even if u have mastered sweep picking and legato.Try and play even sweep picked arpeggios through alternate picking....belive me ,alternate picking is the only way to achive 'satisfaction' in ur playing.

    c)both of your hands our important

    dont start exhuberating 'oh just look at my fretting hand's speed...i can play blah blah with legato..
    achieving a good fretting hand speed is not hard .What is hard is that ur picking hand should match the speed of ur frettin hand(there u go...LOVE ur alternate picking) cannot go on playing every damn lead just with legato ..(or sweeps)

    d)try and keep ur frettng hand fingers PERPENDICULAR to the fretboard

    only on the last string are u allowed to move them 'parralel'..(or at an angle) (and that too only when u are SURE u know WHAT U ARE DOING ON UR GUITAR!!!!)


    dont ever be lax on the development of ur third and fourth fingers .never be satisified with whatever amount of devlopment u might have managed...can u use these two as easily as ur first and second fingers????
    to extend this to ur picking hand (for finger picking stuff)...NEVER leave out ur third finger...many people just go on playing with the thumb and the first two fingers only...(just cuz its kinda hard in the beginning to play with the three fingers together.)

    f)ALWAYS USE A METRONOME for practise-

    this is really will teach u how to keep time..will make it easier for u to play along with other instruments...make u understand how to play triplets ,***tuplets...and most importantly will let u keep a tag on ur performance....u can keep record of ur speed it everyday...and see how well are u improving.....where do u stand etc.

    2)ATTITUDE- (the most important thing ..really)


    NEVER EVER ( i repeat..NEVER EVER) shy away from theory...if u dream of blasting away on the guitar ..playing 'what the **** ' leads in front of screaming fans..theory is indispensable....


    always be honest with urselves...just cuz it might sound cool and flattering to say 'i can play eruption..' while all u can do bout that song is play the tapping lick in the end,you SHOULD NEVER lie (atleast to ur selves..)
    try to be 100% in whatever u play.....dont even leave out a single note ...learn every fill ..every chord ..every pattern of the song ...learn it till u can play it in ur sleep...learn it that u might be ready to play it along with other players....and only then say 'YES I CAN PLAY THAT SONG.'

    c)COMPETE with URSELVES...not other guitarists( yeah u might have heard that one sooooo many times)


    nothing should be termed as boring and left to rot until u are no longer good at it....u got to practise EVERYTHING EVERYDAY


    yeah yeah i know,i cannot listen to backstreet boys myself....but hey ...u CAN always find interesting bass or lead guitar licks everywhere ...even in gayzone or gaystreet songs..the idea is to become a better musician...not just a guitarist.

    f)TRY and jam with other guitarists....even if they are better than u....another thing that will improve ur playing skills

    g)NEVER EVER ( i again repeat .NEVER EVER)..think that u know it all...that u have become a gutiar god....learning has no end...

    h)PATIENCE,PATIENCE and more more more PATIENCE-

    dont become jumpy...again, be 100% in whatever u do....dont leave anything just cuz u couldnt play it even after giving it 1 week or 2 weeks or whatever.......everything takes time..( 'guitar world mein der hey..andher naheen!!!!')

    )AND LAST but THE MOST IMPORTANT-belive that u can play ...dont get put off just cuz u read somewhere '..great gutiarist have long ,sleek fingers...short fingered guys shuld forget botu playing gutiar..'..or even that '.u can be a guitar guru only if u started playing before the age of if u started at should sell ur guitar..and never look at it again..'(haa look whose talking!!!..)

    and yeah ..feel free to add some of ur won 'experiences'..or knoweldge or whatever....... :rock:
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    nice post...iL add soon :) but i guess u've covered many i would have suggested already

  3. rust_in_pain

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    good ones for beginers taxy....

    here's one from me:

  4. Famio

    Famio New Member

    hey guys, to become a good guitarist, what do you suggest are the most important things in theory ? i mean what are the areas that should be covered like scales, notes etc ?

    i've heard most hard rock guitarists have dont have a very good understanding of theory, like Slash is mostly self-taught and doesnt have a good understanding of theory, and yeah, the other day i was watching an interview of Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden, so the interviewer asks him some warm-up exercise, and Adrian starts playing the 1-2-3-4 on-each-string-exercise, so the interviewer tells him "thats the chromatic scale", and he goes " is that what it is ? oh im sorry", so you guys know what im talking about ?
  5. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    oh is it...???/...i never knew these guys were **** on theory.....but as i said ....theory is indispensable....these guys must have given up there whole life learning it the hard way...without all the theory stuff.....i think thats just pure experience.......theory is like a catapults ur guitaring.....

    and fer the kind of theory that would be good fer u ....-> well i say it depends on u.....what do u like ......learding or rhythm.....
    and there is so much to learn....all i can say is u have to find ur own way....
    but fer starters......u should know how to form chords....atleat the majors and minors....that would inturn require u to know some scales........i say imbibe ur scales in u......dont just go fer the 'box formation ' u find everywhere....u should be able to play the scale through the 'ear'......learn modes if u yet they havent helped me much......
    the most interesting is learning the 7th ,6th ,add 9 and all those complex chords...i find them really handy...and the stuff is kinda catchy.......
    study chord progressions .....try and make ur own........use the flavoured chords (the 7ths,6ths ,add 9...dim,aug. etc..)............
    uh well...i cant remember anything else fer now....i hope ne one else will try and add something here......
  6. Famio

    Famio New Member

    thanx taxyse, that helped somewhat
  7. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    i am glad to have helped ....
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  8. aleric

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    Good post taxyse...Reps coming your way.

  9. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    be committed in what you do.....its secret only and never lose your patience...just feel like love, in love you stand for many hours to see your dreamgirl..........same way practice to practice u never feel shy to practice.....everyone has started from scratch....................and never feel shy to sing vocally...........
  10. mnmussu

    mnmussu New Member

    i m new qith guitar n i want help from any guitarist...

    hi! name is MnMussu (just a nick) i m new with guitars ...i want help....from guitarists :help: so...if any guitarist who know the chords/tabs of paki n idian songs (like agar main kahoon...) so plz contact me.....@
  11. kamal_007

    kamal_007 New Member

    i would like to add somthin. dont ever hear music. always LISTEN to it. that'll help u improv. dont take things 4 granted. always understand things. always try to think of some technique (ready mentioned by sombdy) which will help u change chords bit fastr & stuff like that. most imp HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE. this is my personal exp. i was fed up with chromatics but than i controlled myself and convinced nothin is imposs. i had patience and now m good with fingering.

    lastly DONT just play ur guitar. u play it DIL SE and then see the difference. for chords also, normally ppl(like me) face probs like changing chords, keeping rhythm, and to sing simultaneously. but u'll find it better and comfortable when u play it with ur heart. just dont think of anything and all will go smoothly. obviously it'll take little time but u'll b thru. AND PRACTISE PRACTISE PRACTISE. do what u feel hard. do what u cant do properly. practise it & u'll do it. love ur guitar & NEVER try to imitate or copy any1. b urself. thats the attitude of a guitarist.

    i'd like to thank the person who started this thread. its really helpfull. THANK U.
  12. manishjhumroo

    manishjhumroo New Member

    thank u from begginer theory is alos important theory naheen pata hogi chord ke naam naheen pata honge to kya jhak marega guitar main banda .good post thank u mansh

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