Guitar Teaching in Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur or Adyar

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  1. venkuads

    venkuads New Member


    Can some tell me a good Guitar coaching center and around Adyar or Thiruvanmiyur please.


  2. midosh

    midosh New Member

    hi venku,
    i know one place near to ambika appalam depot. his name is pradeep.
    u contact him in his mobile 9840255036
  3. venkuads

    venkuads New Member

    Thanks for replying. I will try calling him.
  4. ashwin53

    ashwin53 New Member

    even i live in adyar n i know a pretty good teacher who has his class in thiruvanmiyur near rto... i presently go there only... contact me if ya want... msg me... cant tok over d phone cuz i hav my semesters goin on


  5. vaidyapallasena

    vaidyapallasena New Member

    if you are looking for a good place to learn,then i would suggest galilee academy in santhome.they teach all instruments along with theory of music(42102519)
    or u could check out the academy run by musee is located near the LIC building
  6. Kaveen

    Kaveen New Member

    Teaching in Chennai

    Hi, there is a teacher who can come home during weekend for training, would you be interested, am learning from him....
  7. brightson

    brightson New Member

    any good teacher near velachery , please inform me ...
  8. Guitarohan

    Guitarohan New Member

    Hi friends,
    Am rohan. I Learn guitar from MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.. Its placed at adyar kasthuribai Nagar,
    My master plays almost all the styles like Metal, Rock , Jazz , Latin Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco, Blues, Rock N roll...Tamil,Hindi songs...etc.. He is one of the city s best guitar teacher and I guess he s the fastest guitarist of chennai. He provides a lot of accompanying tracks for practice and all printed materials.
    You can get him at 9840255036. his name is pratheep.

    METALMAN New Member


    HI rohan me too learn at Maximum overdrive. Which batch do u come usually? PM me
  10. ashwin53

    ashwin53 New Member

    here is a good teacher who comes home n teaches.... he teaches all styles rite from rock to blues.... his name is peter.... contact him at 9940140790... this guy jus rocks...
  11. hannahJones

    hannahJones New Member

    Heyyy!! Rohan I came from US few months before and was searching for a good guitar teacher. just wanna thankyou for the number you provided. You tutor is too good i met him last week and i was amazed to see him playing jimi hendrix and jo satriani covers.. Gonna take lessons from him soon. I started loving indian songs too. this site is great.
  12. ifar

    ifar New Member

    What's the fee structure in Maximum Ovreride
  13. ifar

    ifar New Member

    Hey rohan,

    What's the fee structure in Maximum Override
  14. New Member

    its somewhere around 3000 for 3 monthsi i guess for beginners in Maxim Overdrive
  15. mmani

    mmani New Member

    hey rohan...can u tell me how many classes does pratheep conduct?? hav u finished learning??
  16. Guitarohan

    Guitarohan New Member

    my boss has sent me to delhi for six months. Bad luck.. Hopefully join again soon.. Its impossible to finish learning... but learned pretty wwell so i can join a band.. Really dono how sir gets so much of lessons... spoek to him last week he said he started drums classes in adyar itself and he s got a studio setup also ... helping out the students to form their own bands and recording... he conducts on weekends as usual i guess.
  17. Guitarohan

    Guitarohan New Member

    Hi guys U can get more details at
  18. Guitarohan

    Guitarohan New Member

    Yu can get details @
  19. sripadh

    sripadh New Member

    hey dude can u tel me anybody teaching guitar in n around triplicane, mylapore....?
    plz reply asap!! i need it soon.......
    w8in for ur +ve reply :)
  20. thekeps

    thekeps New Member

    Coaching on Modern Guitar Method

    The KERITH PARKERS School of International Music offers extensive coaching on Modern Guitar Method. Interactive lessons with audio and video study materials, experienced faculties, live jam sessions, workshops, exposure to studio env and sessions by pros from the industry. Flexible timings, 4 classes a month. Book your slots early for your convenience. Contact: +919884675377 or

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