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  1. bree

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    I came across this community while doing an online search for guitar teachers. I've done a basic search here and found a lot of self help and tips. But I'm a little old fashioned and would rather be taught face to face by a physical presence. I'm lookng for a guitar teacher near kalyani nagar. Even Koregaon Park would do. I have heard of a gentleman named Silveira in Koregaon but that was a long time ago and I do not have any contact details or know if the guy even exists.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. aajjaayy

    aajjaayy New Member

    Hi Can anybody help me in finding out a good training class for learning Guitar in Pune (near Viman Nagar)
  3. mani_manu

    mani_manu New Member

    i knw a very gud guitar teacher in Aundh area near Spicer college. His name is chandan saxena and he is very gud, its my personal exp.
    His contact number is 9960672319

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