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    Hi everyone..this is my first post on the Tutorials forum although I'm a regular at the Gear forum. I was planning to restart guitar lessons after 3 years or so (even thoug I've playing regularly in this period too). I used to learn from Edwin Fernandes in Delhi and know quite a bit of theory etc along with standard shred stuff like Satriani, DT etc to some extent. I now want to learn jazz oriented and classical stuff. Does anyone know of any teachers in Mumbai who are good at this stuff? I've heard people talk of Bismarck as being good. Anyone who has personal experience and feedback? Any other guys would also be welcome.
    Thanks a ton!
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    your search ends here!

    GUITAR HALL at chembur is the best guitar academy at Mumbai.i'v tried many tutors but this academy just Rocks.9930212388 is their number.
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    a reply after 3 years!! ... hope he hasnt given up looking 4 guitar teacher n become a pianist or sumthin ;)
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    Mr Shakila Ramchandran.. The Best Teacher for Guitar in mumbai.. Not only guitar but complete musical Knowledge.. Training students for Trinity and Royal School of Music.... You Can Give my reference any Time.. Mr. Bhargav L Pandya Contact Number:- 9821118704 Even I am studying there and have completed upto grade 5. and doing it further.

    MR Shakila Ramchandran..
    Contact numbers:- 022 24312909
    Cell Number :- 9867946526

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    Mr. Sunil Palkar (9326476093)...He's been teaching guitar for around 25 years. Very well popular around dadar/virar area.

    Teaches at student's pace. Also gives very good finger exercises for playing guitar.
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    can someone please give the no. of a good guitar tutor in Andheri East who can teach advanced Guitar lessons for jazz .

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