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Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by cgchayan, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. cgchayan

    cgchayan New Member

    I am a complete newbie in guitar. I am looking for a good guitar teacher in Kolkata.
    If anyone here is interested in teaching or knows someone who might teach, please post a reply to this thread. I live in Kasba, Kolkata

  2. jazzbopper

    jazzbopper New Member

    Maybe I can help

    Hi Chayan

    I teach guitar from intermediate to advanced level. Let me know the kind of stuff you want to learn. Will help you out if possible.
  3. UsnishwithU

    UsnishwithU New Member


    tumi kothay sekhao?
  4. jazzbopper

    jazzbopper New Member

    I teach in Bangur.
  5. UsnishwithU

    UsnishwithU New Member

    Tomar no. ta ar kokhon/kobe sekhao..egulo amake PM kore debe please..
  6. jazzbopper

    jazzbopper New Member

    I just did
  7. someshc

    someshc New Member

    Could you please send me your contact no. so that I can contact you. I want to learn guitar. I am a newbie in guitar

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