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  1. loom91

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    I want to learn the guitar. My interests are rock and Hindusthani classical. I know the absolute basics, but not much beyond that. Please suggest me a good teacher who will be able to give me a good grasp of the theory and technique. Thanks for your help. I live near Chandni Chowk.

  2. riyadh4u

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    Re: Guitar teacher 4 beginner

    Hey there, its me riyadh from moghbazar.knowing tht u having prob wth learnin guitar is it? u mention tht u r interested 2 learn classical nd rock means lead part isnt it? If so then u can call me : 01731423235 in this number.
  3. loom91

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    Thanks for replying riyadh. I want to learn both rhythm and lead, instead of specialising in any one. While I like to play melodies, I also like creating grooves.
  4. abhun_guitar

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    You can also contact Raja da. He is an excellent guitar teacher. His contact number 9830121535
  5. loom91

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    Thanks guys. What about Samir Khasnobish? I used to learn the keyboard from his brother. Is he a good teacher, and does he teach beginners? Thanks.
  6. loom91

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    Well guys? Help me out a bit.

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