Guitar teacher available in Mumbai/ vesai road area.

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    Hi, As you all know I have been posting some guitar tutorial tips and some other videos as well. I was in UK the whole time where I also used to teach guitar. Now am staying in Mumbai and would like to announce that I am going to teach students who are willing to learn.

    Please check Rajdeep Das , realguitarshredder's Channel - YouTube , Rajdeep Das | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos .

    Since my stupid society does not allow me to teach guitar in my own flat I would have to go to your house to teach. So the fees will be Rs500 per hour. Plus I can also teach you to do music production for Rs15000 in a month. so if you are interested email me on those who are interested.

    ONE MORE THING. I will also be giving Rs100 to anyone who brings me more students. I know thats not a lot of money but better something than nothing eh? So yeah let me know.[video=youtube;l3Lbuk6_cpI][/video]

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