guitar Tapping of pulsar mania adv

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  1. robin4smile

    robin4smile New Member

    Plz some body post the guitar tapping of the bajaj pulsar mania adv.
  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    u want the hamara bajaj or the plucking pulsar??
  3. enigmatic

    enigmatic New Member

    hamara bajaj or the plucking pulsar??

    dnt know which one out of these two but il tell you that ad has a damn awesome stunts nd the guitar riffs is super awesome ...if u listen to that riffs ul feel that Kirk playing it lol
  4. cool_me_naman

    cool_me_naman New Member

    Link to the youtube video


    The details of the song are there in the video description if you find the tabs please reply@

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