Guitar Tabs for "Oh How we danced" (Anniversery Song)

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  1. Gnat

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    I am hoping some one can help me. I am looking for Guitar Tabs for "Oh How we danced" (Anniversery Song) by Al Jolson.
    The same tune has been used in a nimber of hindi songs as well so did not know the proper place for the thread. The tune also appears in Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan.

    I am also uploading a midi sequence of what I am looking for, but I am a bigginer on the quitar and just can't seem to get the tabs right. (I am looking for tabs not the cord sequence..I am a new bee hope this make sense).

    Thanks in advance..

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  2. Gnat

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    Come on people. Please do not disappoint me. The tune has been ringing in my head for a really really long time now. Any help would be much appreciated.

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