guitar tabs for hamaray hain and bandeya

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  1. nApStEr

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    hey guyzz.... yaar can anyone figure out the tabs of songs hamaray hain and bandeya from the new paki movie 'khuda kay liye'? i u do so.... just post it...
  2. shark92

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    Dunno the tabs for Hamaray hain but someone posted the tabs for Bandeya earlier. *IT'S NOT MY WORK*:

    C#m A E B

    Figure out the strumming from the beginning verse.
  3. kasmuni

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    A F#m D E
    Humare Hain Jahan Main hain jitne Haseen
    A F#m D E
    Milain Gay hum (Milain Gay Hummmm) sabhi se kabhi na kabhi

    A F#m D E
    Puhanchay gi jahan main..awazain humari dilon main utar jaeen giiiii
    A F#m D E
    Chamkeelay Siron se Tasweeren Banadeen Sheher se sheher jaeen gi..

    and so on for the verse ...

    and for the chorus

    Bm E A
    Phir Gaooooooooooooooooooooooo Na aaa Phir Gaoooo Naaaaa
  4. me_strings

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    nice chords 4 humaray hain..

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