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  1. guitar_vj

    guitar_vj New Member

    I am learning guitar and am practicing scales. can somebody please post guitar tab for the song do dil mil rahe hai from the movie Pardes.also am still confused in interpreting the guitar tab.can someone explain that to me?
    thanks in advance
  2. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Hi Guitar_Vj, please make use of the prefix "REQ" followed by the song name and the movie name in the title while making an request.
  3. rajujee

    rajujee New Member

    hmmmz.. yaar i found this tabs but no success...that's why i made myself.....
    it's not so perfect but so so.....(correct it)
    e -------3-5-------3-5-------3-5------------------------------------
    B -------------------------------------------------------------------
    G -------------------------------------------------------------------
    D -------------------------------------------------------------------
    A -------------------------------------------------------------------
    E --3-3------3-3--------3-3-----------------------------------------
  4. guitar_vj

    guitar_vj New Member

    hi rajujee,
    thanx for ur reply
  5. bob-bobby

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