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    This is Very Important Tutorial For Advance Guitar Players. Its Called
    Sweep Picking.

    A guitar technique called "sweep picking" or also known as "economy picking". Sweep picking allows you to play a flurry of notes at a speed that would be very difficult to match using just alternate picking.

    The basic idea of sweep picking is that you are going to play 2 or more notes on adjacent strings using the same picking direction for all of the notes.

    A lot of times when the technique of sweep picking is talked about, it is in the context of shedding metal guitar. Players like John Petrucci from Dream Theater, or Yngwie Malmsteen playing lightning speed sweep arpeggios across all 6 strings. But that is only part of what can be done with sweep picking. The technique can be used in a much more subtle manner for some great effects.

    The Sweep
    Here is one of the most basic sweep picking ideas. You are going to play and arpeggio (the notes of a chord played one at a time) on 3 adjacent strings. This example is a Dm arpeggio on the top 3 string. When sweep picking, you do not want to lift up your pick for each individual note. You want to just let your pick glide (sweep) across the surface of the strings. It is similar to the motion for strumming, but you will articulate each note rather that just hearing all of the notes together as one chord. You also will not want to hold all of your fingers down as if you where playing a chord.

    v = pick down ^ = pick up

    v v v

    Here you are just reversing the direction and sweep picking up on all of these notes.

    ^ ^ ^

    Here you are sweeping picking down, then up. The trick is to keep a steady rhythm.

    v v v ^ ^ ^
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    thanks, yaar could u plz help me teach exactly what exercise to follow to increase my speed on freatboard to play fast legato or somthin.N 1 ques more, ya it will sound really silly to u but plz tell me that when i play i don'y take "thumb to fingres" support to create pressure for pressing the frets, instead i use use palm to fingre support, means the area of ur hand which would touch the bottom of the nect of guitar and fingres.Is this wrong coz I see almost all the guitarists not touching the bottom of the neck and playing with the help of their fingres and thumb only.I am playing like this from beginning and i play quiet nice but i thing that this is hampering my speed.plz do reply...........
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    well ..the right way is to place your thumb behind the fretboard as a support mechanism ...but some people these days dont follow the discipline much ..
    it helps you do sweep picking much easier and effectively by placing your thumb behind the fretboard! it takes quite the practise to get to sweep picking ..
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    refer to all those lessons would be of great help
    in a big community like igt ..because there lots of members giving their viewpoint and opinions ..and not the solution is kind of unreliable!
    hope you get by what i mean!
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    Ya can download Marc Seal's tutorial vdo off ultimate guitar>columns>features. That helps a lot too
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    Check Out .. """ """
    I learned alot from this VDO .. Its an instructional video on how to go about learning sweep picking 15 min and 25 Sec...

    Presented By Ultimate-guitar

    Hope it will help you guyz alot.
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    thanks very much......IGT is so help...u get more than u ask for....thanks
  9. SG1

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    ^^^^ wait watch learn from the prod dude .. u won't believe how this web will change the way u think abt music :) umm atleast from some people heh ignore retards.
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    hmm... I dont know if it helps you but there is one thing I can add... for the ones who has already ..well.. can do some sweeping in the guitar is some small stuff that you can add..

    while sweeping its very normal that at first the notes are not clear no matter how you try to hit it.. also in the advanced level most of the sweeping does not have the fast accent clear effect, which is actually notes not neccessarily played clearly but sounds clear and real fast cause ITS MUTED.. so for example if you try to sweep down mute the top strings (not too much muting but enough to actually give a hint of the tune) and try it.. its subjective ofcourse if it sounds good or bad.
    playing fast does not have the same effect as playing something that expresses speed.. I like the latter one..
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    Donno much abt the thumb positions, but I at times use the thumb to pull the 6th string - saves me a finger for other notes and lets me play bass and leads at the same time :grin:

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