Guitar Strumming

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  2. naeemg

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    Hey James,
    I saw your youtube video....very well explained...thanks a lot...I am a beginner guitarist and looking for something like this to improve my guitar skills....

  3. skarthik

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    Thank you a lottttttttttt


    May I know your email address?

    Thank you so much. I am learning for past 7 months from guitarist. I was always confused with strumming while learning as he changes the style of playing on same rhythm pattern while teaching ( he is cool, when he is in good mood, enjoys the song which I choose, I does play iin difft way.)

    After seeing ur video, now I got to know that 4 styles (types) of playing the same rhythm. Today I will try all.

    Pleaseeeeeee, don't stop yourself. Post more videos on other techniques tooo.

    Thank you,

  4. darthsirius

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    great video james!!..thanks for teaching us about the "gray area" :)
  5. lionel123

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    have u posted other videos of strummin.......i wanna know site which shows full song played in video??

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