Guitar Strumming for "athadu"(Telugu) song?

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    I am a beginner in guitar. Could someone post the strumming & the chords that come in the background of the song "Avunu Nijam...".from Athadu(Telugu) movie?

    How do I find the strumming pattern myself? Is there an easy way other than listening to the song many times and finding it?

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    i like that song very much.can anybody send the chords for this .
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    I am not really sure about the actual chords but I use these
    the first music is got on first two strings:
    -----8--- (play it many time with variation)
    when the mail strumming starts use full chords
    of B( 7th fret) Em (7th Fret), A (5th Fret) and then G chords and mute the G chord for the last strum.

    Strumming part, please listen to the song and u can catch it very soon.
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    dis is navin the chords for beginnig of the song were E/G/A(second position)
    than u can play like think that muzic in mind.

    if u can try to do it

  6. suresh_007

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  7. navinkumar

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    and sturmming pattern was
    Emajor/ Gmajor/Amajor

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