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    Hi Everybody,
    I have been playing acoustic guitar for the last 2 years ,and now Ihave decided to buy a new electric guitar, can any body please recommend some shops in mumbai where I could get electric guitars, also I did like to know about the pick ups in electric guitars.

    enjoy music
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    Shops in Mumbai :-

    Furtados : 02222013163 , 02222023105
    Bhargavas : 02222012626
    SB music : 9820884523
    SB also has a website :

    Furtados Catalogue :
    Bhargava's :

    Guitar Pickups define the tone of ur instrument ( 80 - 90 % ) .. Pickups basically are of two types .. single coils .. or dual coils also known as Humbuckers . Both work on the same basic magnetic principle . The pickup senses the disturbance in the magnetic field due to the plucking of strings and converts them into electric singnal .. which is sent to your processor / amp .

    Single coil pickups have 1 coil inside them . Basic tone of single coils .. you can hear if u pick up any normal Fender Strat . The famous soloing neck pickup on a stratocaster is a single coil . They usually tend to give you a thin tone . Due to a single coil they tend to pick up disturbance which causes a hum to be heard .

    Go here :

    click on the hear .... to check out the tones (just a example)

    Humbuckers as the name suggests .. consists of 2 single coil pickups with one coiling out of phase with the other to cancell out the hum produced . They tend to give a Thick tone . Heavy Metal is generally Humbucker based tones .. think and punchy .

    Due to the advancement ot technology ... it is possible to put a entire humbucker inside a single coil ..... Seymour Duncal Hot Rails is one of tht type . These days pickups are also distinguished as acive and passive . Active pickups would result in a preamp before the signal goes out of the guitar .. and hence come with a battery . Eg : The famous pair of EMG 81 - 85

    You might wanna check out the pickup companies :

    Right now if you are just beginner in electric guitars .... dont bother too much as for replacement pickups .. you can always do tht later .... ive just written the above deal cause it ight help you in understanding pckups a little better .

    Single Coil Examples :

    1) David Gilmour ( Pink Floyd ) : Comming Back to Life (album - Division Bell)
    2) Mr Yngwie J Mamsteen
    3) The solos on Fade to balck - Metallica

    Humbucker examples

    1) Any hard and heavy metal song - Megadeth , Metallica (riffs and rythm sections) like Enter Sandman , Sad But True , Hangar 18 , Holy Wars , etc .

    Chek out the tone you want and then go for the guitar . Hope whaterer ive written helps you . If no please be free to ask questions and give me some reputation points :) .
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    hey thats great,
    it will definietly help me buy a good one!

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