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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by anid, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Hello people,
    This may have been asked a thousand times, but still.. can't help it.

    Im upgrading myself from acoustic to electric.. so there are 3 things i'd like to know

    1) Im probably gonna go for Ibanez GSA60 and the like or fender squier california... so can somebody please the price that I can expect, and what is the scope for bargaining (budget around 10-12k) in Delhi,gurgaon, and which is better?

    2) If the bharghava shop in galleria,Gurgaon is decent enough, or should I take the trouble of going to Delhi, and if so, then which bharat musical store is better (heard something about an old one)

    3) I am very fluent in my acoustic playing, but I have never used an effects processor. I was wondering if that is a hitch... I wound'nt wanna be fooled by the shopkeeper into buying something undesirable. What should I look for in the processor ( I was thinking of getting a zoom 2.1u)

    hope i get quick replies.. its urgent, I dont have any other help at the moment

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