Guitar Scales - How To Learn Them ?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by rizwansheikh1, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. rizwansheikh1

    rizwansheikh1 New Member

    Hello IGT !

    i've been playing guitar since around 1.5 years ..

    i've learnt notes, many chords, many strumming patterns .. i can play manyy songs .. but i don't know a bit of any scale .. !

    and i cant create solos of my own ..

    now i felt the need for that ..

    can somebody tell me some ways to learn scales ?

    especially major, minor and pentatonic scales?

    i'll be very thankful ...
  2. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member

    can u show me some of the songs ?
  3. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member

    i mean tabs of some hindi songs
  4. thepacifist2013

    thepacifist2013 V.I.P Member

    Since you can play many songs, it seems you already know scales. Just that you do not know that you know scales.

    Scale diagrams are available all over the internet, and it would just be an exercise in futility pasting them here again.

    With scales, the best way I have found out to practice is to put some backing tracks from guitarbt [dot] com, and play scales alongside them. It gives you a sense of the scale(root, 5ths) and also a sense of rhythm.
  5. rizwansheikh1

    rizwansheikh1 New Member


    first ov all thank u for ur reply ..

    yes, may be u r rite tht i jus don't know tht i know scales .. i searched the diagrams and i couldn't understand a bit ov it .. i m nowadays working on C scale . and it seems to be going gud .. but once i learn the scale, how to convert it into a lead or a solo or a riff ?
  6. Meshy360

    Meshy360 New Member

    i want to now what is song is 0-0-0-7-5-7-5-3-5-2-3-5-7 then it's this 0-0-0-7-5-7-5-3-5-8-7 can some one help and rep plz
  7. rizwansheikh1

    rizwansheikh1 New Member

    ok guys ..

    thank u all for not helping me out ..

    but got a website named as

    there are very easy ways to learn the scales .. !

    Thank u !

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