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    ok so i wanna record few covers nd how?? i wont buy anything,i dont have ne mic,i have a 512ram 80gb pc..:( :( how do i record now??digicam?? o_O
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    its cool..but i have to buy dat zoom recorder ??...i dont want to spend money..temme da best way i can record from what i have...a digicam,lol dats it...wat i want is dat my electric guitar distortion should sound nice nd warm as it sounds in real...or digicam wud b shit ..der is so much monetary investment when it comes to music.. :p
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    Oh god dude.
    There's also a lot of cerebral investment.


    However, one thing which that thread doesn't say (because it gets diverted into portable field recorders, and audio interfaces - a common solution - got taken for granted) is that you should get an audio interface like the Line 6 POD Studio GX or UX1/UX2 etc and record with that. You can plug your guitar straight in ("line in") and use a program (POD Farm, ReValver, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, plugins like AcmeBarGig stuff etc) or use a mic and recording from your amp (Shure SM57 is generally considered to be best beginners mic).


    lol both line 6 pod nd shure mic costs 5000+ :p...rs500 mein koi solution hai toh batao.. :p
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    Ultratech, I read the thread you recommended - nice one. So why do we need an audio interface such as Line 6 POD etc.? Am I correct that they are primarily for two reasons, i) They replace inferior quality sound card one may have in laptop/ desktop with a better sound card resulting in a better sound processing, and ii) to kill latency

    Is there any other reason too?

    Second question - Other day I was exploring processors in Furtados and saw that certain digitech processors such as RP 250 have USB output in them. Can such processor replace audio interfaces such as Line 6? If not, how can I use both RP processors and audio interface together while recording?
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    1. Do you have a microphone?

    If you have a microphone - how dare you ask such a question?
    How would you record via microphone ... by plugging it in to your comp.

    2. Do you have a guitar processor?

    Just plug the output cable from your guitar processor into PC.
    And record.

    3. Is the question more like - which software to use for recording?
    If you just want to doodle - you may as well use the windows inbuilt sound recorded.
    or Audacity for free multi-track experience.
    or Other softwares for non-free multi-track (better) experience.

    As far as I know, you are posting on this forum - that immediately puts you far away from requiring a professional recording interface.
    So forget buying all PODs and emulators etc.
    It wont matter.

    Better save that money - invest in some good funds - and when the money becomes significant (over a period of time), as well as your playing prowess becomes closer to professional level, as well as you decide that 20-30K of money is nothing for music - that you can easily spend it.
    Think of spending it THEN, when you reach that level.
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    Anyone who wants to hit him with bricks is forgiven.

    That. alpha1 rules xD

    1 - I think you pretty much said it. Others may chime in if there's something. I'm nothing at recording, as that thread shows.
    2 - Man, no experience with those, sorry.

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