guitar+processor+amp in 25000

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by metaldodo, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    guys need ur help
    i m plannin to buy a guitar processor & amp
    i ave a budget of 25000
    dats da limit to vich i m abl to strech it
    im into rock music
    mor of metallica maiden soad & stuff
    i liv in mumbai so wud b pleased if u do mention da shop options fr me
  2. agentorange

    agentorange New Member

    for the budget the following would suffice.

    Cort VX2V - Rs.19000 - Great guitar.Comes with a LFR,EMG pickups and killer looks!OR if you dont prefer a V,go for ibanez GRG220DEX - a very good VFM guitar!

    Amp - go for a marshall MG10CD.

    Processor - Korg AX3G!!Killer features considering the price tag!!
  3. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    hey thnx
    hw abt grg 270dex
  4. agentorange

    agentorange New Member

    They both cost the same!i suggest you go try out both and select one of your choice!
  5. shetu_ecdw

    shetu_ecdw New Member

    look out for second hand guitar n effects...u can get some real good second hand gear in that price.....i m selling my guitar(ESP AX-50) too.....
  6. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    well i dun wan my frst electric guitar to b second hand
    thnx fr da offer nyways
  7. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    well i ave made my mind fr da processor & amp part
    jus wanna chek my optns on guitars
  8. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    25K for the whole set might run short.

    Get a guitar in 10-15K range. That would be decent for years to come
    Get a processor again in 10-15K range. And that would again be decent for you for years to come.

    Forget about amplifier. You can plug the output to music system or PA system or wgatever is available to you.
  10. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    well m gettin a guitar fr 20k
    can spare upto arnd 6 k fr amp+ processor
  11. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    m sparin 20 k fr guitar
    i can go fr second hand amp& processor
    dun mind dat
  12. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    & ya shud i go wid processor or pedals
    wads da main diff??
    m a newbie
  13. nukeu666

    nukeu666 New Member

    if you are a noob, get a roland microcube...its an amp with builtin processor
  14. distorted

    distorted satan

    You r doing an intelligent thing by buying at least one thing dat'll last u rly long...
    In the remaining 6k, u cant expect a vry gud processor n an amp... U'll definitely feel a need to change after a couple of yrs down the line... As you r a newbie, my suggestion will be a multifx processor. As u'll get used to a variety of effects, undstand those effects n how to use them properly... Wen u feel u've learnt sufficient u can get a better processor n amp...
    disadvantage wid pedals:
    -They will b costly, only one pedal wont let u play a lot of things, so u need more.
    -u wont get to know various effects, how to adjust them n get a good tone... U'll miss this part of learning.
    The last point applies to roland microcube too... You wont b keeping this forevr as it wont give u a high output, u'll definitely need a change.
  15. distorted

    distorted satan

    And fr difference between processor n pedal u can refer to innumerable threads on forum discussing them.
    In short:
    A processor is a multieffects digital thing, which provides u hell lot of effects, compensating a bit on their quality (dis compensation becomes less n less as price increases) n the problem of tweaking n tweaking to get a good tone. Advantage is, u can have lots of presets which can be changed rapidly if u need more effects in a performance.
    A pedal is an analog thing, provides u a single effect, which is good, has simple controls to adjust parameters fr that effect. Its kind of perfectionist thing.
  16. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    @ distorted:well thnks fr da info really helps
    evn i fuigurd out dat 6000 wont fetch me much but i wantd to buy an axe dat wud last atleast lik 7 yrs so m ready to splurge on it
    processors & amps keep on developin
    der r nw 1s in market every few months
    so changin dem wont b much of a prob
    da prob wud com if i gt nt soo good guitar that wont b abl to apt to my needs
    m ready ave a low end amp& processor nw practice it
    gt to noe da stuff really well
    by dat tim ill manage to save nough
    den i can splurge on da amp & proceesor part
    & ya thnks fr xplainin da diff
    was a bit confused
  17. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    hey guys help me chosin 1 dos abv mentiond guitars
    i likd da spider1
    but well u ppl r mor xperincd dan me so can tell me bettr
  18. Murt112

    Murt112 New Member

    r u sure musiciansfriend will ship to india ?? as this is going to be your first guitar i wud suggest u stay awy from floating bridge guitars...they are a pain to drop tune change strings etc...but then i guess i am a lil biased towards fixed bridge for the amp i wud sugges roland microcube or cube 30x...this amp has inbuilt effects so u wont need a processor rt away...of cuz once u start gigging u will need a processor or pedals...but by then u can save up money and get a good one....
    P.S. I would suggest u stay away from the guitars u have listed...they are the lower end rg series guitars with the edge 3 trem...they have a hard time stayin in tune...if u really are intent on getting a floating bridge guitar look in the s series...if not then check out this guitar...

    u cant beat the features for that EMGs which will push ur output harder to give you a crunchier distortion, Mahagony body for a fuller tone, set in neck for endless sustain and its an ESP LTD man !!!
    God i sound like an ESP salesman :p

    P.P.S. or this one

    am curious though bout the active pickups...nvr heard of ibanez makin them...
  19. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    i agree wit murt.!better go wit a fixed bridge one, saw one at bajaao- ibanez rg321 wit emg pups ,cnt recall d actual model no . luks gud to me
  20. metaldodo

    metaldodo New Member

    well ill look into it thnks guys

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