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  1. pure_angel

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    my guitar has this damn problem that whenever i play 4th n 5th fret of E string & 2nd fret of A string it touch down to lower frets of fret board... n do not produce any sound... what should i do?...

    what are the prices of acoustic guitar in pakistan?... at which cost you guys prefer buying a guitar?... what you ppls say about local manufactured guitars?... i heard one can buy a guitar in lahore at the cost of 1500 rs?... is it true?... i bought my guitar at the cost of 5000 rs... i wana buy cheapest guitar?... local made... ??...

    help me...

  2. ssslayer

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    just raise the bridge ... or adjust the truss rod (the one that really holds the neck of the guitar)

    the pitfall is ... u wont be able to play higher frets ... coz then the guitar will sound outta tune ...
    a gud quality guitar wont give u these troubles ...
    but yeah the weather can (like humidity/heat etc) ...
  3. faiqgiant

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    yaar da problem ur facing has 2 reasons either ur freats are un aligned which is a normal problem with local made guitars or ur guitar neck has bend, both dese problems can be solved in Pakistan u know jugari people. it would cost u less den 300/=

    where as u wanted guitar rates pakistani made guitars sound better den chinese brands which u may get aroung 2500, but i would prefer fiber body acoustic guitars dey may cost about 5 or 6 thousand but dey dont have any such problems we discussed above.
  4. umangu

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    I'm Indian, so don't know much abt Paki guitars, but some cheaper Indian guitars also have the same prob. It's manly cuz the neck warks due to the heat.

    To fix it, I suggest lowering your frets a little with sandpaper, and raising your bridge is that doesn't fix it completely. Go for a truss rod adjustment only if the 1st 2 don't work

    Also, to stop your neck from getting warped in the future, loosen your strings if you aren't going to be playing your guitar for a few days.

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