Guitar pro Tabs for almost any new Film song

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  1. Trixon

    Trixon New Member

    Hmmm i will try my best

    Here are a few songs from aap ka suroor

    All in GP5 Format wont work with Guitar pro 4

    PS: If you want GP5 Pm me i will try and help ;)

    Here after request will be taken request what you want!!!!

    Any please only songs not whole films!!!!

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  2. salman Rauf

    salman Rauf New Member

    yar its not working on guitar pro 4 please give me the link to download guitar pro5.thanks in advance
  3. subheet

    subheet Member

    i have the latest version of GP but none of the files are working......
    it says upgrade the software ....(i have 5.0)
  4. Trixon

    Trixon New Member

    Here are the same files in GP4 format....
    I have Gpro 5.2....
    If you want it i can email you the links ;)

    Hope these ones work for you!!!!

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  5. salman Rauf

    salman Rauf New Member

    Trixon this files are also not working on guitar pro 4 please give me the link of guiat pro 5
  6. Trixon

    Trixon New Member

    Guitar pro 5 here is the link to the software i uploaded this is not warez plz!!!!

    Hope this works for you

    P.S.: admin hope this is OK If not please tell i will remove it!!!!!

    Request more tabs if you want!!!!
  7. salman Rauf

    salman Rauf New Member

    Thanxs Man Its Working...very Nice How You Made This Please Tell Me The Method...
  8. nats_guitarlove

    nats_guitarlove New Member

    i dunno how do we update?
  9. anmol13999

    anmol13999 New Member


    guys can anyone pls tell me wats dis pro.i m totally unaware of it.
  10. iamthebest235

    iamthebest235 New Member

    thnx a lot man it works great...can u get some more new songs

    requesting: ek din (naqaab), dhokha, allah ke bande, rut aa gayi re (1947 earth), kacche dhaage, omkara, krrish.....

    any of these wud be great if not nethin else wud be good too

    thnx in advance

    u rock
  11. tabs_beggar

    tabs_beggar New Member

    help please

    please koi batay gaya k es file may kiya hay mainay open kera hay bohat daffa lekin open nhi horahi hay please help
  12. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    Guitar Pro is a multitrack tabs editing software, these files wont open unless u have Guitar Pro 5
  13. danjeev

    danjeev New Member

    thanks bro can you plz upload the tabs of tere bina- aap ka surrur plz bro
  14. sambitsatpathy

    sambitsatpathy New Member

    can you please send me the file

    I need the GP5. Can you please tell me where to get it from?

  15. atooljoshi

    atooljoshi New Member

    Hey thanks guys - atul
  16. khaliqueazam

    khaliqueazam New Member

    Hi Tixon cud u pls gv me GP5 song "Neele NeeleAmber par" and "Baazigar O Baazigar"
  17. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member

    req: hum hai is pal yaha : kisna

    i like this song very much .. plz if u can provide in gp5 format
  18. Tarique_Aziz

    Tarique_Aziz New Member

    nice tabbs
  19. shredthisway

    shredthisway New Member

    I would love to get some old kishore da songs,
  20. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    hey...doorie by atif aslam is a relatively new song but i couldnt find any gp tab....i found one but that was also text(donno how.gp4 opened as text)...but that aside... can you make a gp tab for doorie....

    thanks in advance....

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