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  1. musicguitar

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    Can any body tell most popular songs played on guitar with notation and chords. Such as Neele neele umber pe, chura lia hai tum ko, chhoo kar mere man ko, yeh mera dil pyaar ka deewana, jab koi baat bigad jaaye, tum dil ki dhadkan mein. etc.

    have a good day.
  2. horsesmouth

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  3. musicguitar

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    hello horsesmouth
    thanks for giving link for popular hindi songs. It will surely help to learn and play songs on the guitar. I became member of this forum last year but still I am understanding the way to read the threads, search the threads what i am looking for.

    knowledge and wisdom increases when we distribute it.

    Thanks a lot. have a happy day.
  4. horsesmouth

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    u dun need to search... okay try this
    whereva u see a name/ on it n u see things like view profile, send message, and view all posts by user....
    i guess tht wud help u...
  5. musicguitar

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    It works and is helpful.

  6. horsesmouth

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    yes tht will,
    IGT search sucks neway

    its always better on google......i mean even your threads with no relevance to music, type some keywords, n there it does it better than here!

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