guitar notes for nee sneham song.

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    I am beginner; I want to practice a song for this weekend. Could some one provide the chords and/or scales for the song Nee Sneham from (Manasantha nuvve: Telugu movie). This is a beautiful, melodious number.

    Here is the link for the song:

    Waiting for response:
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    Hi there Stranger, welcome aboard. Just a few tips. Before posting a request, fix REQ before it. Makes it easier for members to identify a request. Secondly, this in the wrong forum, this should be posted in the Tamil Guitar tabs forum. Everything for the smooth running of the site. This thread will be moved. I hope you get your chords or tabs.
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    REQ: song: nee sneham, movie: manasantha nuvve(telugu)

    well, I have changed the subject, to be more meaningful.
    By the way this is a telugu movie song. I am still looking for the notes.

    I'd like to know one more thing: are we maintaining any songs data base on this forum? It’s good idea to start one, if we don't have one.

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    I know it's a telugu film song dude, i'm from hyderabad;) Still, as we dont have a seperate forum for Telugu movie songs, you have to settle for it being placed in the Tamil Guitar Tabs forum. THREAD MOVED!
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    south of MP everything is madarasi
  6. Natasia

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    when i was middle school in delhi the rich big and burly punjoo kids used to bully me.. engde pongde.. oye madrasi ben@$$ etc
    i used to esacape saying i am not madarasi.. i am tamil.. used to confuse the hell out of those nincompoops
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    I need guitar tabs for the song Nee Sneham from (Manasantha nuvve: Telugu movie)
  9. This is a simple song to listen but difficult to play, at least for beginners, because the notes span more than one octave.
    The song is played on c major scale here using more of the free strings, to make it easy for beginners...
    Though it sounds more melodious on d#major scale in frets 5-9.
    The timing of notes is very important, and can only be achieved with proper practice.
    Here you go.

    ....nee snehamm.... ika raanu ani.i......karige ....kalagaaa ayinaa....

    ...Ee Duram .........Nuvu Raku Ani .....Nanu Veli ..Vesthu ..Vunnaa

    .....Manasantha Nuvve ..Naa .Manasantha .....Nuvve

    Also it sounds more convincing if you play "4s5s4" instead of 4 th fret on the g string when the lyric says "ika raanu aniiii" and "nuvu raaku aniiii".
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    Hey Folks,
    You can find the accurate tabs along with video tutorial @

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