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    Hello every one, I am an experienced guitar teacher residing at HSR Layout Sector-1 and I have a few time slots in the evening vacant for people who wish to learn western music notations and guitar techiques. Have been playing for 17 years and have honned my skills on the Melbay Guitar Methods under the guidance of a very reputed Music teacher in Mumbai. My influences are Rock and Roll, Jazz and Neo Classical.

    I have different tracks for beginers and advanced players both acoustic and electric. All lessons are only delivered at my residence in a peacefull environment and dedicated music room . Your investment will be 1)dedicated personal time, 2) decent acoustic guitar, 3) course material(Authentic and Internaltionally acclaimed publication) and 4)Tution Fee. My coaching also includes understanding the physiology involved with performing arts which forms a major part of learning any musical instrument, which develops mind & body strength and stamina. Course includes a complete introduction to the guitar, scales, finger and strumming techniques, western music notation structure, graded exercises and tests.

    I am also a qualified sound engineer and part time guitar technician and can teach several technical subjects related to mechanics of instruments, gadgets, guitar setups, acoustics, sound engineering, band formation and setup and prepare you for auditions and shows.

    There are no shortcuts to success and hence I will not entice you with promises of making you a professional or magically making you play 30 songs in 3 months. I dont do customized course ware and I have a very fixed set of instructions that I deliver to students. You can mail me on thomassolomon(at the rate)gmail(dot)com and I will give you further details on time slots and cost of lessons..Sorry for spelling my email id this way but I have to keep away from spammers.
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    Music teacher wanted in School


    I just google music teachers and got to this post. I'd like to know if you know anyone who's looking to teach music in a school. This is a full time position. The candidate must know how to play an instrument (any) and be able to sing.

    My daughter goes to Sophia High School and the position is for the same school. Please let me know if you know anyone who could fit the bill.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Are you looking for full time position ? I can recommend a few ...
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    This is a full time position. Again, I'm not looking for a position, I'm looking for someone who's looking for one.

    Other than my daughter studying there, I don't have any say in the selection process. So just wanted to to clarify that you will have to convince the sisters there of your abilities.

    You can contact the principal directly or message me your contact information that I can pass on to the school. They'd probably want to meet you.

    Do let us know of suitable teachers.

    Thanks for your time!

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