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    nice link. thanks.
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    Hard To Find Such Kind Of Sites .. Which Givess Off .. Free Audio Or Vedio Or Such Good LICKS .. :) .. There Is A Small Confusion In My Mind .. I Want To Know how To Play This Thing

    E 12 12
    B 13 13

    I Mean .. I Saw This Thing Alot .. Is It Mean .. By Holding Those Notes Strum It .. ???? In The Above Case Twice .. ???? ..

    very very NiCe n Helpful Link .. :) Check This Link Too .. :)
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    put one finger on the 12th fret of the E string n another on the 13th of the B string n stike both at same time

    thnx shak for the link was looking for some
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    Fret both the frets with two fingers and play them together. It's nothing but a C note with major 3rd interval. You can use this to play any lick over a C Major Chord. Playing more than 1 string at a time is called double stop.. Listen to Kirk Hammet for excellent double stop playing..

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    nice link yaar..thx..good work...
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    Thankz .. Ronnie .. N Spy Game .. :) Actually I Was Playing Lick Of Carlos Santana That Has It In That .. :) Thanks For The help .. :)
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    Nice linkkh. *tips hat*

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