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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by sunnydelhi269, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. sunnydelhi269

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    Hello everyone. I am looking for people in delhi who are interested in Guitar jamming, I stay in Vasant kunj. Well I do sing (not that good) :p and play guitar , not a beginner but also not an advanced level guitarist. I have my own youtube channel where I have played guitar and sang few Hindi songs (old and new). I have just started guitar some 6 months back and currently into Indipop, bollywood music only, but would love to learn more genres :)

    Now to take it further , I am looking out for some people who are interested in jamming. I own 3 guitars ..1st is the Gb&A (F cut), second is the Fender's Squier Bullet start and 3rd is a small size guitar Dupont metzner which I bought when I was in germany. I have not learnt music formally but have learnt it through books, internet etc.

    Anyone interested ? Do let me know, we can jam over the weekends.

    PS: I am an advertising professional :)
  2. !!!Sweet!!!

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    Me very much interested bro. How do we take it from here?
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    Hey i live in Katwaria (South Delhi). I am pretty decent control over the guitar. I wanna jam some cover songs if you could arrange for a drummer by any chance. Get in touch with me if interested.
  6. sunnydelhi269

    sunnydelhi269 New Member

    hello everyone! you can share your details on my email id , we can take it further from there.

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