Guitar FX 3.04 not working- Help please

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by DAVE440, May 5, 2005.

  1. DAVE440

    DAVE440 New Member

    Not sure if this is the correct forum...or if anyone can help with this software.

    Was cruising around online and found software- Guitar Fx 3.04 sound processor.
    Doesn't seem to work. Uninstalled and re-installed 3x. Even downloaded a 2nd time and tried in case it didn't DL properly. Same result.

    Running W2000 Pro on an Athlon3000XP system/ECS Mobo/ 768 RAM.
    Guitar running into MIC input.

    I can hear the guitar cleanly and windows Mixer MIC controls work the volume but the GFX3 software doesn't seem to be working properly. The ON/OFF fx controls turn on and off BEFORE I click start...but no processing at that point. Once I click gets a distorted type sound even with no input from the guitar and No sound from the guitar when I try to play it. The GFX3 controls won't respond. Can't shut the program down either. It locks my PC up. Sometimes able to get out using task mgr. but had to power down 2 times bcus pc wasn't responding.

    PC Has onboard AC97 2 ch. sound with WDM drivers. ( I have hauppage win tv which uses the wdm drivers so they are fairly current). Only thing I can say is the wintv didn't play nice with the sound card I tried to install but works fine with onboard sound. Tv audio out runs into the mobo line in. Shouldn't affect the GFX3 program tho since that's running into MIC input and I muted the line in and also the tv program was off.

    GFX3 is supposed to work with w2000. Anyone have an idea what's wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    I am having similar probs was working fine for me earlier..downloaded loads of presets all were working..then suddenly it just started hanging my system everytime i tried to use it...:(
    BTW..u must be connected to the Net to use it..also try tinkering around with the delay and input /output works sumtimes
  3. DAVE440

    DAVE440 New Member

    Thanks. That's the one thing I' don't like about it. Having to be connected to the net for an FX processor?? Would much prefer a stand alone product. I tried blocking with firewall but it wouldn't work so I enabled outgoing then got it to load. Didn't occur to me ....maybe it needs up and down access to work. Looks like a cool program but I'm sort of suspicous about a prog of this nature requiring net access to work. Hmm.....

    Besides...I don't play well enuff that I want people online tapping into me.... :p:
  4. DAVE440

    DAVE440 New Member

    *** Possible Hijack attempt?***

    Just ran hijack this - routine check - and noticed a BUNCH of new host files I didn't have a few days ago! Tried typing in the associated IP to see where it took me and the page stayed blank but the target address said something about an ad banner so might not have been a re-direct or hijack attempt but I don't like extra host files in my system! There were at least 10 all directing to the same IP.

    Only thing I installed in past 2 days was a talking notepad demo (ran ad-aware but not hijack this after installing it) and guitar fx3 yesterday so it could've been related to either. There was a pop under ad as soon as guitar fx loaded which was hidden a second later by the gfx3 control panel so it was probably related to that.

    Might not be harmful but I don't trust xtra host files not part of my system.

    I removed Guitar FX3 and the talking notepad and fixed (removed) the new host files using "Hijack this" then restored my host files from the host safe backup I made in "Spyware Blaster."

    SCAN UR PC's!

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    HEY DAVE 440........TRY GUITARFX BOX................IT WORKS FINE...............WITHOUT NET.....:grin:
  6. DAVE440

    DAVE440 New Member

    hmm... u mean those things u stomp on ? So old fashioned....
    and I've only got like 4 of em.

    I don't play well enuf to get away with anything less than 10 efx
    running at once :shock: so more computer fx is better.... :beer:
  7. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    @Dave.......No no guitar fx box is software too....and GuitarFx is a pretty rich featured software dude..I guess it doesnt actually need the Net to just has to load that stupid webpage for starting....but the presets ppl have made are pretty cool..
    Still not working for me though...not even getting a simple distortion preset to work...

    @Lefty..... cud u tell me how to make FX Box work properly...its not so good...LOT of delay....u hit one note and it comes out wen u are hitting the next one....

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