Guitar Cords of former kolkata band songs

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  1. Papul

    Papul New Member

    You guys pls help me to find the chords of the former band kolkata , in which Potada 4m cactus used to play as the lead singer . Spclly 4 the songs below

    1>Montore parlam na bujhaite .....
    2>Golemale golemale pirit koro na .....
    3>Cycle er dudik chaka modhye faka .....
    4>Khachar bhitor achin pakhi .....

    Arindam da , Sayan da ........ pls pls pls do smthing for me :nw:
  2. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    in case of mon tore...just use e a d .....just permuteation n combination
  3. Papul

    Papul New Member

    Hi ,

    Pls give me the chords in details and thanks for ur reply
  4. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Heard only golemale. None of the rest.
  5. Papul

    Papul New Member

    Can u pls give me the chords of golemale . Thanks in advance :rock on:

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    khanchar bhitor ochin pakhi, ei ganta sunechi, sialda local e ekta bhikhiri haichilo, jani na chord dite parbo kina, will try.......
  7. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Don't have the song golemale. Only heard it.

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    khachar vitor ochin pakhi....Am/G/D/Am............ not sure coz bhikhirri mukhe sona for once......
  9. Papul

    Papul New Member

    Mr Lefty . First of all , thanks for your nice try :hatsoff: , but one thing u have to remind , dont be
    so rude man !!!!!!!!!

    Kano bhai , bhikharir gan bole ki gan noy . Purnodas Baul o to age baulgan geyei bhikhkhe korto . Jai hok besh namkora bhikhari bolte hobe boiki !!! Spanish acoustic niye bhikhkhe kore .

    Ki thik bolini ?????????? ;) :) ;)
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  10. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    Well said. Reps for you.
  11. Papul

    Papul New Member

    Thanks debankan :beer: :rock:
  12. howlett

    howlett New Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm a beginner. So, just need to know the chord progression for "khachar bhitor ochin pakhi."

    I've got the lyrics off the net. Could you please help me out with the chords? just need to know what to play when. Thanks.

    khachar vitor, ochin pakhi kemne ashe jai!
    Tare dhorte paarle mono beri, ditam pakhir paay.

    aat kuthuri, noi doroja-ta, moddhe moddhe chorka kata
    taar upore sodor kotha, aina moholtay.

    kopaler fer, noile ki aar? pakhitir emon babohar?
    khacha venge pakhi amar, konkhon dei udral!

    mon tui roili khachar aashe, khacha je tor kacha basher..
    kondin khacha podrbe khoshe, fokir lalon kede koy!
  13. finding tunes

    finding tunes New Member

    golemale golemale pirit koro na

    try it with Em,C & D

    golemale golemale pirit koro na(Em)
    pirit j khanthaler(C) anthaaaaa..(Em)
    lagle pore(Em) chare na....(D)

    plzzz reply after trying....i actually dont know d lyrics more....
  14. kaustavdas87

    kaustavdas87 New Member

    Can anyone help me with the chords of sahaj manush(lalon)?

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