Guitar classes in jaynagar, bangalore?

Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by mahendra0203, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. mahendra0203

    mahendra0203 New Member

    Any good guitar classes or individual guitar teachers in jaynagar ,bangalore?.. Individual guitar teachers would be great to kno. Please let me know if anyone has ne idea..
  2. jacks28

    jacks28 New Member

    dunno abt jayanagar but theres a really good teacher in banashankri... 2 kms frm jayanagar
    name is me if u want his contact details
  3. vikas1704

    vikas1704 New Member

    u can try Rhythms in jayanagar 4th block...
    they have good teachers...
  4. nemo.nemo

    nemo.nemo New Member

    Try Urban Raga in JP Nagar 5th block ..

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