guitar chords plz!

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by hira, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. hira

    hira New Member

    hey all...
    im new to guitar as well as to tis forum whtever,,,
    can ANY ONE send me guitar chords for the song PIYA by IMEK...its an unplugged song bY tis new singer..i just love the acoustic guitar tats played in tis song..
    so if ANYONE cud'd be gr88888!!!!!!!!
    and keep sending chords ppl...:p
    im sure sum1 can send me noori's chords atleast..:eek:
    ok dont laugh at me but im an amateur so plz help me out!!!:)
    send in chords for some nice paki songs...speciallY noori..
    and plzzzzzz.....i REALLY want piya's chords...
    and hey....u can mail me as well...:p
    i know phel rahi hoon but...if u ever want to offer a helping hand..most welcum lol!
    ill be looking forward to sum replies....
    bye all.....guitar rulz!!!!!
  2. hira

    hira New Member

    oooooops sorry

    hehe sorry abt noori...i mean i just checked there r a number of nooriz chords here
    thnx anyways
    sorrY again:$
  3. slash

    slash New Member

    Hi hira welcome....Imiq is already posted ....its in the hindi guitar tabs section there are some pak songs there is the link
  4. hira

    hira New Member


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