Guitar chords of Pehla Nasha (Back To My Future - Suraj Jagan )

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    Guitar chords of Pehla Nasha (Back To My Future - Suraj Jagan )

    Friends this is my first post .. Help me with suggestions to improve myself.

    ( guitar intro - Tabs )

    D AD - - | B AE - - | A EC# - - | DA DE - - | B AD - - |A(chord) - - - |

    now the strumming part... the pattern is | D - - U | D U D - |

    try to play the barr chords of the following for images of barr chords if you have any doubt.PLay bare handed..

    (D) Pehla nasha peh(A)la khuma

    (D)naya pyaar hai naya (A)inthazaar

    kar(Bm) loo me kya apna(A) yaar

    (Bm) he dil ye bekhar(A)al

    me(Bm)re dil ye bekhar(D)aal tu hi ba(A)ta

    (D)pehla nasha peh(A)la khuma

    (D)udtha hi phi(Bm)roon in ha(G)waon me ka(A)hin

    (D)yaa mein jhool j(Bm)aawon In ghat(G)aon mein ka(A)hin......(2)

    ik (F)kardoon asm(G)a aur za(A)meen

    tho (F)yaarom kya ka(G)roon kya nahin(G) (A)(G) (A7) eh..

    ( pehla nasha - tu hi bata )

    (pehla nasha)

    (D)usne baath (Bm)ki kuch (G)eisi dhank (A)se

    (D)sapne le ga(Bm)yi ha(G)zaron rang (A)ke

    rah (F)jaawon jaise (G)mein haar (A)ke

    aur (F)choome vo muj(G)he pyaar ke(G)

    ( pehla nasha - tu hi bata )

    (pehla nasha )
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    Btw, this is not the original scale which the song is played on but you may use this as u may feel comfortable singing at this level.


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