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  1. jayesh_diu123

    jayesh_diu123 New Member

    REQ : guitar chords for bhajans

    I desperately want guitar chords for the hindi and gujarati bhajans
    plz all guitar pro help me..:)

    Jagjit Singh's Bhajans
    1. Hey Ram
    2. Hey Govind He Gopal
    3. Hare Krishna
    4. Jai Radha Madhav
    5. Murli Manohar Gopala

    others Bhajans
    6. Payoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhun Payon.
    7. Pag ghunghru bandh meera..
    8. Meethe Ras Se Bharo

  2. jayesh_diu123

    jayesh_diu123 New Member

    hmm................. :(
  3. kaylash

    kaylash Member

    hang on

    just hang on there mate. I think they are all gone to parlok to get the chords. Ha Ha Ha.

    I got it from somewhere.


    Om jai ........jagdesh hare Swami Jai....

    E---5--5--------------| --7--5--3--2----0---|-----------------
    B----------------------| ----------------------------------------
    G----------------------| ---------------------------------------
    D----------------------| ---------------------------------------
    A----------------------| ---------------------------------------
    E----------------------| ---------------------------------------
    Dina nath Hare.......

    E --0---2---0---2------3---3------2---0-----
    B -----------------------------------------3--
    G ---------------------------------------
    D --------------------------------------
    A --------------------------------------
    E --------------------------------------
    Bhagat jano ke sankat....

    E -----------0----2---0------------------------
    B --3----3---------------3----2----0---------
    G -------------------------------------------
    D -------------------------------------------
    A -------------------------------------------
    E -------------------------------------------
    Pal main durr kare..........

    E --0--0----0-0--2--0--------------------
    B -----------------------3---2----3--------
    G ----------------------------------------
    D --------------------------------------
    A --------------------------------------
    E --------------------------------------
    Om jai jagdesh hare..... (REPEAT AFTER THIS ).......

    This is my First Tab...Please lemme know if it was helpful or if it is buggy. thanks n ENJOY !
    07-25-2004, 04:44 PM
    thnx m8 will try it tonite
    07-26-2004, 09:35 AM
    hey man the tabs are great but i think that in the first para instead of playing five times 3fret we can play it four times .it really sounds better .rest all is perfect .thanx man .nice work
    07-26-2004, 10:08 AM
    Thanks Jatan...I guess ur time I'll double chk b4 postin a tab. i am glad u liked this tab. Stay tunes...many more comin up now :)
    08-13-2004, 10:52 PM
    hey guys here the chords

    play it in this beat 1 2 & & 4 &

    D A7
    om jai jagdish hare

    swami jay jagdish hare

    G D
    bhakt jaano ke sankat

    A7 G D
    daas jano ke sankat

    char mein duur kare

    A7 D
    om jai jagdish hare

    jo dhave phal paye

    D A7
    dukh bin se manka

    swami dukh bin se manka

    G D
    sukh sampate ghar aaye

    A7 G D
    sukh sampte ghar aaye

    kasht mite tanka

    A7 D
    om jai jagdish hare

    PRAY NOW!!!
  4. jayesh_diu123

    jayesh_diu123 New Member

    Hey :)
    thanks yaar
    plz post more chords....
    Thanks a lot Regards
    :nw: JAY HO!!!!
  5. amitvashist

    amitvashist New Member

    GR8 Bro.... Many Thanks
  6. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    nooo we havent gone to parlok to get those chords its just that few have requested such chords

    the om jai jagadish one was there before i did not find any other one .....
  7. ceanth

    ceanth New Member

    Does anyone else have anymore bhajan tabs to add?
  8. chandan7

    chandan7 New Member

    This works for me better

    Om Jai Jagdish Hare

    Swami Jai Jagdish Hare

    Bhakt janoo ke sankat

    Das janoo ke sankat

    Kshann mein door kare

    Om Jai Jagdish Hare

    This above mentioned TABs worke for me better than the one mentioned below by Mr. Kaylash. This is my first TAB ever. Corrections and suggestions are most welcome.

  9. Shantibaba

    Shantibaba New Member


    These should keep you occupied until the end of this Yuga.


    * Edit *

    It's not letting me post the urls as I need to have posted 15 times before the system allows me.

    * Recites Ganesh Invocation *

    Googlewahck the following.


    Hope this helps.
  10. razzics

    razzics New Member

    do anyone have tabs for "PRABHU PATIT PAWAN" a jain bhajan
    plz reply
  11. cricket_sam

    cricket_sam New Member

    great tabs man! really helped a lot and sound perfect!

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