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    Hey everyone, im new to this site and guitar as well. I haven't learned much yet. i learned from a software tutorial. i was taught only 12 most common chords in that. I was not taught about the chord theory. Can someone please explain me that or suggest an appropriate website so i can understand chord theory.
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  3. Saptashaw

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    Most major and minor chords are made from the 1st,3rd & 5th notes of the scale.
    A major scale can be formed from the foll. formula:-

    where R=root. T=1 tone distance from prev note . S=1 semitone distance.

    For eg.:-Scale of C major is C D E F G A B.
    so, the chord C = C E G.

    A minor scale is obtained by flattening the 3rd, 6th & 7th notes of the major scale.
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    are you looking at how chords are formed? that is why / how a C major is made of C E G ?

    or are you asking about which chord to use where in a song?

    please specify, even if you want to know both
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    HI Dakoo! I gave the hurried basics of chord formation in the last post.But Bandbaajaa asked an excellent question -- how 2 know which chords 2 play in a song? Wel, if,for eg., if u r playing a song in C scale, then most songs will be restricted to the following chords: C,Dm,Em,F,G,Am.
    Check it out 4 urself by forming the chords from Cmaj scale by taking the alternate notes,as I posted previously. Happy guitaring!!

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