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  1. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    Hello everybody,
    I have always read about how we should protect our guitars from heat and cold to ensure that it is in the best possible state.
    I was just wondering wat it actually meant???
    Does that means that when we use air cons and heat convectors it is damaging the acoustics...
    Please, share your views/experiences on this...
  2. shak

    shak Harrr!

    when you are using air conditioning to cool the air .... it doesnt damage the guitar

    when you are exposing guitar directly to heaters, convectors, open stoves, or leaving your guitar in the back of your car under the sun, then due to the tendency of wood to warp under heat, your guitar may become deformed and ultimately ruin the playability/guitar

    it shouldnt make any major difference to the acoustics though ...
  3. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    thanks for that shak...
    just to make it clear, should i or shouldn't leave the guitar uncovered in my room if i've got heating on(not a het convector or a blower, just a central thing)....
    this thing may sound un-important but I think one of my old guitars did suffer on account of heat...
    anyways, thanks a lot for ur help shak
    cheers m8
  4. rohit

    rohit New Member

    there is a humidifier for guitar.normally used for imported guitars.
    ronnie will tell you more about it.he had earlier posted about this
  5. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    thanks for that rohit
  6. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member


    hey rohit, thanks for the info, i looked for humidifiers and i got a doc on taylorguitars website. I really found it useful, so i am posting it here for other guys...and trust me guys I now know why one of my previous guitars started buzzing so much, this is something u need to read.

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