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    Hi Friends,

    Just wanted to mention and list some of the Guitar Stuff that I have for sale. Please note that all are genuine and bought from the original companies (from the USA) and i have only 1 copy in each, that I had bought for myself. Also the condition of all these is almost exactly as new, as I keep my stuff very safe and preserved. Please have a look and if anybody wants to buy anything, let me know / email me at shivtex2000 [at] [dot] in

    1. Metal Method Complete Course - Rs 4000
    Price Mentioned on the Website - 70 USD ( approx Rs 3400 ) but please note that I had paid International Shipping on all the DVDs induvidually (as I had bought them seperately and not as a single purchase) In total it costed about Rs 6000 for me and I can give it for a minimum possible price of Rs 4000. Anything less will really not be possible as it will be a big loss and I'll prefer to keep the precious DVDs rather than selling them for anything less. Again, kindly note that I'm selling these things only because I need money urgently and this is not what I do to earn a living.

    2. Perfect Pitch Course - Rs 5000
    Price Mentioned on the Website - 129 USD ( approx Rs 6300 ) excluding International Shipping. Please note that I had paid about 7000 for this including the international shipping but I'm ready to give it for such a less price because I know only people who are serious about their music will buy and understand the worth of this Course and I dont think there are many such people around me.

    3. Finger Fitness ( Book and DVD ) - Rs 2000
    Price on Website -

    4. Finger Weights - Standard 10-Finger Set - Rs 4000
    Price on Website -

    5. Gripmaster - - Rs 2000

    6. The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar - Book + DVD Set - Rs 4000 ( Honestly The best book you can ever buy in your life )

    7. Learn and Master the Guitar - Rs 5000

    Kindly let me know asap, if you would like to buy any of the above. I'm saying asap because I only have 1 set in each of the above which I had bought for my personal use. understand.

    Thanks a lot !
    Have a Wonderful day !

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