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  1. Gsean

    Gsean New Member

    Helo Friends!!

    Want to learn Guitar. Had a desire to play all old hindi songs leads and chords. I have good fingering on guitar, but frankly I go wild!!...So it is best to say I am completely beginner. Have no time or money to go institute. Please some God help me out step by step. Am ready to struggle daily 1 hour. Very thankful to all once again!!
  2. voldemort420

    voldemort420 New Member try this website
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    hey, dis is best book for all beginners

    i know dis since i've compiled it myself while learning from th' internet
    really its very learn basics very fast
    note: no data in this book has been purely sourced by me....;)

    here r 2 links (just add http:// before the link):

    P.S.: both the links r for the same file...DL ne 1 of these(rapidshare allows only 10 DL per file for free account...suXXX big tYm)

    i know u'll like it
    feel free 2 post ne comments

    Rock \o/ onn!!
  4. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    hey check out youtube videos of

    1) Peter Vogl

    2) David Taub of

    3) Justin of

    You'll learn lots :)

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