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Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by guitar.arun, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. guitar.arun

    guitar.arun New Member

    Learn music from highly skilled Artist. Keyboard and Guitar classes undertaken at your spot in chennai. We undertake private home tuitions for Guitar, Piano, Keyboards,Violin training for Kids and Elders of age 4+. We are located in Chindadripet(Chinthamani Super Market), Mount road. You can reach us at ***********.You can also

    contact us through email at *************

    Locations: Mountroad,Egmore,Chinthamani, Chennai central, Paris,Chetpet,Anna Nagar

    Classes are conducted by Arun Kumar.V (guitar Teacher)
    Mob: *************
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  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    hmmm i want to ban your ass for blatant advertising in your first post that too. On the flip side a lot of people are looking for guitar teachers here. hmm... decisions decisions.
  3. vinay.shet

    vinay.shet New Member

    hey this Guy is out of his mind

    hey dudes i called u up... but u r doing this to mint money thats it.... you are asking for 1k for 4 classes that is.. 4 hours... I would learn it myself n have almost learnt most of the things by now.... FREE OF COST.. so its better if u reduce u r FEES...
  4. guitar.arun

    guitar.arun New Member

    Hi vinay

    Dear friend vinay,

    Do you know actual structure of the musical language? I have had a strong knowledge that’s why I am charging at my level best. Any way I wish you all the best to know music through internet.

    God may bless you.

    Thanks & regards,

    METALMAN New Member

    hi guys am learning guitar for more than four years from my master He teaches at Adayar. i can play a lotta guitar solos now.. He teaches perfectly iron maiden or mettalica or joe satriani songs or jimi hendrix.. any thing from jazz to metal. you can get him at XXXXXXXXXx.
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  6. testit

    testit New Member


    Pls try Jazz museano, in R.K.Mutt road. I have been going there for the past 1 month. The master holds excellent knowledge in music. Fees is very nominal and very flexible on timings. If you are interested I can give more details.
  7. musicloverwins

    musicloverwins New Member

    required address

    hi testit, can u post the address and the contact number of ur master.. and if possible can u post the fees of the guitar class for a month and also the timings and no of classes.
  8. musicloverwins

    musicloverwins New Member

    hi testit, can u post the address and the contact number of ur master.. and if possible pls post the fees of the guitar classes.
  9. guitarclass

    guitarclass New Member

    Sometimes learning from experts you must pay some amount man.....
  10. guitarclass

    guitarclass New Member

    You are not willing to give away money huh bad quality
  11. vine_eyes

    vine_eyes New Member

    hi friends i am new here so plz wellcome me on ur foram and i am a bigner here and plz help me in learning guitar thanx to all goodwishes for all and God bless u all
  12. saptaswaramusic

    saptaswaramusic New Member

    ooking for guitars OR Drums????

    We have various guitars from acoustic to electric mentioned below

    Cort,taylor,fender,gibson,ibanez,Ashton,Ovation,YA HAMA,PRS,ESP,pluto,Greg benette,rain song,breed love, hudson,GBA,hofner,Montana ,Paesold ,RAT,TAKAMINE , Washburn and Many more


    Contact :

    Saptaswara Musicals 165 R.H ROAD MYLAPORE CHENNAI- 600 004

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  13. Letchvel

    Letchvel New Member

    I need a lady tutor!!! Can anyone help me with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plsssssssssssssssssssss
  14. Letchvel

    Letchvel New Member

    hey do you know any lady tutor??????????????? pls let me know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guitar home tuition!!!!
  15. black_archer

    black_archer New Member

    @Admin - I guess, there should be some moderation on adverts here.

    Newbies do not have an idea what's right or wrong, so may be a little insight and a process in place that protects the interest of newbies should be put in place :)

    Some food for thought ?
  16. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    This thread will be closed.

    @Black_archer - we are working out a plan and we'll have proper moderation coming in soon!
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