Guitar+Amp+processor bundle --> Is it good acc to my budget?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Guitarnewb101, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member


    I went out to check out some electric guitars today. I live in Delhi, so visited Patel Nagar's RajMusicals and Music Hub.

    The guy at Rajmusicals suggested and let me test out the following electric guitar setup-

    Yamaha ERG121 U - 10k
    Stranger 20W amp - 3.3k
    Boss GN1 processor - 3.7k

    He asked for a total amount of 16.5k. but since I came to survey, I told him so.

    Anyway, is that a good setup for my budget (16-18k) ?????????

    I also wanted to try Dean Vendetta, and ESP EC 10, cort x-2 and so on. But teh guy kept insisting that Yamaha was the ultimate setup for me :D.

    What do u guys think? Should I get a better amp? or should I try another guitar?

    I play all type of stuff -
    Alt. Rock

    So wouldn't wanna miss out on anything. Me and my mates are trying to complete a song in alt. rock genre, which we will release soon. So I really wanna know as quick as possible.

    all suggestions are welcome!!!
  2. varundbest

    varundbest New Member

    Dont ever go for yamaha, Try Aria STG series... I have Aria STG - 006 and it rocks... I bought it from lajpat nagar... Dean vendatta would be quite ***y but u will get their low end model at that price...
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    No idea about the Yamaha ERG, but Yamaha Pacificas are good.
  4. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    Just try out every possible combination in ur budget, take out the time for it even if it takes hours.
    And i guess you're talking about that guy with curly hair at RajMusicas, he does give good advice but is very opinionated.
    And do try to bargain,guitar shops usually quote prices a bit higher than the list price.
  5. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member

    Yeah, that was exactly what I was tryin to do. But just didn't have enough time cos I hadn't thought much about getting a processor, only my friend who accompanied me recommended it.
    I talked to that North-eastern guy, who sits in the guitar room. He showed us the processor with a stranger amp, and I was very much impressed with the range of sounds I was able to get.

    Anyway, I am thinking of trying the following the next time I visit (next week maybe)-

    1. ESP LTD m10 and a few other ESPs below 12k.
    2. Cort x-1 & x-2
    3. Dean Vendetta tremolo
    4. Dean EVO
    5. Yamaha pac 012j
    6. BC rich ASM 1.
    7.Washburn RG series
    8. Fender squire (of course :p )

    Do suggest any other guitar which u think I should try as well.
  6. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    well...the first thing would be to "avoid the floyd"...don't get a tremelo, they'll be a big liability.
    and do try to find a Cort Z42 its a great guitar...or so i've heard, and also has Coil Tap.

    out of the guitars you suggested ESP LTD and Cort are the best, and the last time i saw a Dean Evo XM over there it was banged up, so do check if its okay, but i'd suggest you stay away from it.

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