Guitar Amp and Pedal going really cheap in Kolkata/Bangalore

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ThinkVoid, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. ThinkVoid

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    I am selling the following in Kolkata/Bangalore

    1) Roland MicroCube, 1yr old, perfect condition. Barely used(bought it's elder bro - Roland Cube 20x just 2 months after i bought the li'l one)

    Asking Price : 4K - negotiable
    3K - Not negotiable :)

    2) Boss DS-2 dsitortion pedal. Used just 2 times in its entire 14 months stay wiht me. (i use the digitech DF-7 more often)

    Asking Price: 2K - Not negotiable

    Interested ppl from Bangalore may contact me before 6th Dec as i'll leave for bangalore for a week then n i can carry the stuff along....

    Kindly PM me or contact me at: somdevg at gmail dot com
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  3. iluvmuzik

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    dude im in kolkata,can i get ur pedal?
  4. robaruntrujilo

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    i m interested in pandora px4d

    hey there can u please tell me if u are interested in selling the korg pandora px4d. if so pls reply with details to my email

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