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  1. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member

    Everytime I ve been to furtados to try out guitars..i find one thing pretty weird.On alll guitars-be them the low-priced or high-ends, the action is really, really high..i mean it could easily be a little less than a quarter of a centimeter on the high E and some more higher on the low this normal? im mean my JAVA has lower action than that,and it doesnt buzz anywhere
    the sales boy insists this is normal...even sahil makhija(thedemonstealer lol) who works at furtados told me its pretty normal
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Well...action is adjustable through the truss rod, accessible by opening a panel in the headstock...I thought everyone knew that :shock:

    And I've never ever heard of action being different on different strings...possibly because I haven't played too many electric guitars.
    A problem with the bridge, maybe? :think:
  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member


    Action is [size=+2]not[/size] adjustable through the truss rod! It's adjusted using the bridge!

    On a tun-o-matic and most floyd-roses you have 2 screws on either side. On some vintage trems you can adjust individual string height.

    Please go through these forums, there are many posts stating what the use of a truss rod is, and how to adjust your action.
  4. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Ouch. I always thought action was reduced by the truss rod x_x You know how the brain goes..."truss rod changes> neck profile changes>action...".
  5. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Oh FFS.

    The truss rod changes the neck bow. And that's that

    You want to change the action of the string you use the bridge! What bridge do you have on your guitar? Look at it carefully. You will see 2 screws on the 2 ends of the bridge. Those screws are for you to adjust the action.

    You know what the neck profile is? The guitars neck is meant to be slightly bowed, i.e. a little depressed in the centre of the neck. You do realise that the neck is made of wood and adjust the truss rod bends the wood, it doesn't displace it upwards or downwards! The neck will only bow or arch using the truss rod. Excess bow or arch due to the tension of the string is offset by truss rod adjustment.

    On your acoustic you're supposed to lower action by filing the bridge. Acoustic guitars aren't meant for everyday adjustments.

    Please don't abuse your truss rod. Truss rod adjustments are made 1/8th of a turn at a time, over periods of hours to days, to give the wood time to adjust. You turn it too much and you risk your truss rod deciding to come out for some fresh air, through the wood of the neck.
  6. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member

    OMG..LOL..thts nicely put
    In my first yr wit JAVA I have abused its truss rod royally experimenting wit the bows by reading throu internet tutorials, but it never came out to breathe in some air..LOL I love my JAVA !
  7. Life_Sans_Death

    Life_Sans_Death Acronym!

    Well, guys try to read up before you post something. The last thing we want here is guys calling for revenge and starting blood feuds.
  8. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Well...I didnt know exactly how to change the action, I just thought blunderingly, "Hey, there's a panel here with a screw on it, hey, it conceals the truss rod, hey, I have the allen wrench for the thing, maybe this will solve the action problem?"
    And it did...the wrong way x_x
    I spose if thats the way the truss rod is meant to be used as thehundredthone puts it, I guess me and Sandeep and super lucky dudes...both 'royally abused' the truss rod...How else can we explain our truss rods not bursting out? I guess I'd better not try that truss rod stunt again, I have just one precious precious guitar! x_x
    @thehundredthone- Why is it that the guitar's neck is supposed to be bowed? Tis strange, I always thought that the strings and freboard should be parallel...:shock:
  9. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member

    you got the correct definition of "action". But no,the truss aint for changing action..i used it to adjust the bow to remove the string buzzes from some of the took me like 2-3 months,so thts a different story alltogether. but yeah,thts wht the truss rod is adjust the curve(tension) of the neck
  10. Life_Sans_Death

    Life_Sans_Death Acronym!

    @botty_bat: Dude, theres a $154 billion dollar website called google. Why not just use it before giving counter arguements?
  11. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    @ultrabot90: I'm happy for you because you have logic. Unfortunately that logic is of your own definition.

    I thought cars are meant to move. Pushing the car did that. Just because your method suited you at the time doesn't mean it's right. The truss rod is meant to adjust the neck bow based on the tension created by the strings. Let me explain this further. Most guitars come stock fitted with 8s. Now lets say we change the 8s to 9s, or, do we dare, 10s?! You know what will happen? The heavier strings will pull more on their 2 points of attachment - the bridge and the headstock. Poor neck, it can't magically shorten, so what does it do, it bows under the tension. Here's where the truss rod comes into play. It is the backbone of the neck. It helps restore the original bow of the neck, because it is made of metal and not wood, and doesn't bow under the tension of the strings.

    I didn't read anything either, just saw, "Hey, there's a guy here with some incorrect knowledge not willing to read up and see that he just might be wrong, he has a sharp tongue on him, hey, I have a boot to stick up his ass, maybe this will solve the know-it-all problem?"
  12. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    I'm in a good mood so here are some links for you.

    Maybe you trust wikipedia?
    Check this out!

    Here's a quote
    Regarding my fresh air for the truss rod statement, let me rephrase. Please don't abuse your truss rod. Truss rod adjustments are made [strike]1/8th of a turn[/strike] a little at a time, over periods of hours to days, to give the wood time to adjust. You turn it too much at one go and you risk your truss rod deciding to come out for some fresh air, through the wood of the neck.
  13. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    I remember reading somewhere that "wood needs time to adjust" is a also a myth and the effects of a truss rod adjustment should be immediate...not sure whether it's true or not.
  14. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member

    Ok, any answers to my original question? How much would the action measure in your high and Low Es? i find the factory settings way to high in the shops.
  15. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    @thehundredthone - far as my point 1 and 2 went, I just wanted the plain information...and 3rd one was just to reflect the (then) stupidity of two noobs, namely sandeep and ultrabot90 (@Life_Sans_Death, get the spelling right). I just asked and you go totally haywire over it...You yourself quote that its a 'common misconception', what was the problem clearing it up like a common thing?
  16. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Here's what I got for trying to clear the misconception the first time.

    And here's what I got the next time. There is no genuine curiosity or graciousness in these statements. Don't expect me to take everything in stride.

    There is no such thing as "stupidity of noobs". There is only stubbornness when you decide not to consider someone's knowledge without backing it up with your own evidence.

    There have been plenty of good discussions on this site. At the same time there has been a deserving share of bashing. Most of it comes when people (not necessarily n00bs) decide that their opinion is the law without evidence or at least a backing argument.

    @sandeep_: People say that a business card should just sit under the 6th fret on your E
  17. sandeep_

    sandeep_ New Member


    @hundredthone : Thank you..I am sure the guitars ive seen at furatados could occupy a bunch of business cards underneath them
  18. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    hehe the givsons could hold a wallet
  19. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    @thehundredthone - I KNEW there was something wrong in the tone there x_x
    I was really surprised at that bit you told, "The guitars neck is meant to be slightly bowed". I always thought that the string and the fretboard should be parallel...So I asked. :|
    Nor do I think/claim I know everything...else I wont be on IGT (or maybe I'd be one of the IGT legends)

    Alright, I'll rephrase the above stuff (even though its kinda late for amends)
    Edit - Ha.
    @LSD - Yep! Im lucky I got a (relatively) better piece, I've seen another of the same model, and it could probably hold a pick at the 7th fret...vertically. (Givson G150) :)
  20. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Lets bury the hatchet (in your skull!! :p: ) :gather:

    We learn something new everyday! The strings on a guitar vibrate in an elliptical pattern. The slight bow accommodates the vibrations best. For a light picking and fretting style a straight neck is good, but then straight necks require slightly higher action.

    No, I didn't say you were claiming any such thing. And about being an IGT legend, well, :RollLol:
    It'll take you years and years to come close to alpha1 (and certain others who no longer have the inclination to visit)

    You fiend! Well you quoted your original posts, I'll let you off ;)

    I hope your doubts about the whole truss rod issue have been cleared up.

    Regarding my abuse of truss rod statement, nebuchadnezzar said it may be a myth, and really, it may be. I apologize if my statement is untrue, but I would still use the truss rod a little at a time, especially on my set neck.

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