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    According to me, Ibanez makes really versatile guitars. More than that, they are great to play on. The ibby's thin neck, though not for all, is extremely comfortable and has a great feel. The quality of the components, especially at the prestige level is top-notch and very few brands can compete with them.

    Regarding the 22 fret guitars, I have found them rather irritating if u have played a 24 fretter. I dunno about the "sweet spot" your talking about. Though ibanez's aren't made for blues, it is not difficult to get the required sound. But realistically, if your into blues and jazz, you should probably get a fender strat. They are great, albeit expensive.

    If you wanna get a les paul, for the love of god, dont get the low-end epiphones. They are a joke. The av-6 also is average to say the least. If your only spending 20k on the guitar, I highly suggest you goto a guitar store and play a rg321.
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    Fender mexi strat
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    well, the sweet spot is debatable but i honestly think that a lot of the characteristic strat single coil neck sound comes from the fact that it is located there... strats rock - i'm a strat man myself and am saving up for a MIA fender or warmoth strat sometime 2011. was originally aiming for 2012, but i saw this documentary in a cinema showing the end of the world in a dramatised form and figured that i'd better hurry up.

    thanks for the heads up on the epis, never played one (weird, but every LP i've played to date has been a MIA gibson). but your recommendation of the RG321 is disastrous - i have one, and i can'T stand it. out of options for a while, so i'm ordering a whole bunch of stuff to upgrade it, from pickups to saddles. the paint is going off too, tung oil finish FTW. hope that improves it a bit, plan to sell it as soon as i can finance that strat.
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    well i have a rg321mh.. and its great. Everything's stock expect its got evos on it. The mahogany gives me a chunkier tone when compared to my prestige. Its a fixed bridge, so I use it for alternate tunings and its never failed me.
    Actually, more than asking him to buy it, I wanted the ts to try the rg. If he doesn't feel comfortable with the rg's neck, then it automatically rules out the prestige, cuz its neck's thinner. You must be comfortable with the instrument first before you can get into the whole "good sounding" issue.

    n seriously, fenders are really not great guitars. I mean, i am not saying the mia strat aint good. Its just that, the price doesn't justify the product sold. You are paying more for the brand image, rather than the guitar itself. That is what I have noticed. But brands like Schecter, MIJ jacksons, mid range ESPs( above 600 series) give you a better built guitar for a similar price. If I had the money and the time, i would invest the $1000 which you would be paying for the MIA strat on a custom carvin.

    n 2012 ain't the end of the world........
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    not interested in the schecters, jacksons et al. want a strat that does the strat thing. wouldn't mind buying a non-fender strat - there's a bunch of good ones, tom anderson, john suhr, tommy's guitar, and ever warmoth. i think fender offers the best bang for the buck from this lot, unless i got a good deal. warmoth would be good too. tokai and co. are overpriced now. pick up lollars or suhrs for neck and mid positions and something in that price range for the bridge PAF. WCR is a bit pricey.

    i don't want to acquire guitars after this strat basically, unless i want them for something specific (e.g. 12 string, sustainer system, semi). the EVOs probably make a lot of the difference with your RG - i stilll have the stock INF pups in there and they suck. getting some GFS pickups to upgrade it, have already shielded the crap out of it. my biggest problem with that guitar is that it simply refuses to stay in tune.

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