Guidance Required: Bass Amp

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  1. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Which is a good bass Amp?

    Fender Rumble 150
    Hartke A100

  2. fena

    fena New Member

    if it was me, i'd go for the fender,.. hartke's not a bad choice either.. but it sounds too "clangy" or "modern" for me. i've tried the fender in stores, and played on some hartke amps and rigs on gigs. i prefer the sound of the fender because they sound more full, i guess.. Haven't had much experience with marshall apart from their small practice amps (they sound quite surprisingly punchy), they're not so popular when it comes to bass.
  3. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    I do appreciate your guidance Fena.
    I experienced the sound of Fender Rumble, but havn't got an opportunity to experience Hartke. I believe I should go for Fender Rumble 100 the newly designed one.

    Thanks again.

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