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    Because someone has requested me to create a tutorial on Ear Training and because I like to post new things(hehe), I'm posting this one.

    This is for people starting with guitars and any other musical stream and having problem with training their ears.

    About ear training.

    One question. When a music is being played or someone is singing, can u feel that he or she is singing wrong? If you can(and if she really is wrong), then u got good ears. So read on.

    1. Singing along: When you listen to any song(mostly popular ones) try to sing along it. And do one thing. When you sing this way, keep your palm(hand) infront of your mouth(a bit far) so that you can not only listen to the actual song but also your own. This way try to get as close as you can to the actual music. Ok?

    2. Scaling: Play scales as much as u can. Don't play them mechanically. I mean, try to go by rythm, and FEEL the music(preffer morning or evening::its quite then).

    3. The automatic factor: Trust me, keep playing for 7/8 months. And you will be listening to music better than now.

    4. Chord macher: When u play the chord progression of any song, try to play it once and then stop, and then listen to the original piece in your pc. Feel if you are doing exactly the same(by this I mean that you need to be sure that you both are in same scale). Although for this you have to follow method 5 first.

    5. Tune Correctly: Always check if the guitar is tuned or not. And always tune it parallel to the songs you hear(commonly known as theatre tuning). For this get any guitar tuner software and get the standard high e tune, and then tune along.

    6. Play WRONG: This is my own technique. Very much devastating. But still give it a try.
    When you play the scales, sometimes intentionally play one or two notes wrong. If your ear can notice that its wrong then you have trained it already. But don't play wrong notes constantly. Play it occationally. You will then feel that whenever you play a wrong note your ear won't support.

    7. Create your pattern: Be a bit innovative. First start playing a scale from a given key(say C). Play it 10/11 times so that the music gets into your ears. Now start from the same key, but try to find the notes on different places(strings/frets). You'll find that somehow your ears are not accepting the wrong notes and will eventually give your the NEW correct pattern.

    These are what I used as my own tricks and ways round the listening factor. And I still do. Please correct any mistakes that I might have made.

    Thank You,:rock:
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    thankz a lot gogol for this amazing tutorial!!!!i really liked it!....nah loved it...
    i guess a couple of months of hard work, and i shall be better!!!:beer:
    once again, thanks a lot man....!!!i am sure everyone will benifit from it!

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