Greg Bennett Avion AV1+2 years warranty for sale

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    Hi guys, I’m putting up my Greg Bennett signature Avion AV1 electric guitar for sale. I'm selling it cheap while it’s one year old and still has two years warranty on it, so it’s a steal for any beginner looking to buy an electric guitar.


    Les Paul style
    Bound flat top
    Solid Nato body
    Maple bolt-on neck
    Nut width 1⅝″
    Rosewood fingerboard (12″ radius)
    Dot inlay
    22 fret, 24″ scale
    Chrome hardware
    Original Grover tuners
    Stop tailpiece with adjustable bridge
    Dual humbucker pickups
    1 volume and 1 tone control
    3-way selector switch


    Perfect, I’ve treated it like my child. Never been mishandled, never had anything kept on it, never even been placed on the floor. Never dropped, never hit on a wall. No spills, no dings. No lame stickers to spoil the classic Les Paul look. Tuners (Genuine Grovers) absolutely great, no slippage or undue resistance. Pots and output port still as tight as day 1, I’ve never ever had a loose connection. Basically, everything is as good as new. See pics for proof.


    Buying price: 12,000 In january 2010 with three years warranty. Current market price of a brand new Avion AV1 is 12,000 as well. Still under warranty till jan 2013.

    Selling price: 8000. I need cash fast, hence the low price. You are effectively getting a brand new guitar with warranty at 1\3 off.

    Reason for sale: Upgrading to an intermediate\high range guitar.

    Sale includes

    -Original Samick guitar case
    - Free Planet Waves varigrip hand exerciser/callus maintainer worth Rs 900 (I’ve outgrown it but it was useful when I was a beginner)
    - Black strap
    -Original bill and warranty

    The pitch

    Greg Bennetts are among the better guitars available in India (if you are even half serious about playing, you won’t even glance at the horrible Indian Givson/Gibtone /Hobmer crap). The Avion AV1 is targeted at the absolute beginner and delivers unmatched value for its price. I tried more than 25 different guitars before picking it up and in my humble opinion, it easily beats out Ibanez Gios, any Yamaha <15k, Agathis ESPs <20k. I’ve used it for playing blues, classic rock and roll, metal and some bollywood stuff as well, it never fails to impress. It’s dependable while playing live, as a matter of fact my partner’s Washburn croaked in the middle of the gig while the Avion delivered consistently till the very last strum.
    Another plus for a beginner: it’s hardtail, making it easy to use and no worries about strings going out of tune or whammy bar hassles.

    Videos, reviews and pics of the guitar


    So that’s it, guys… If any of you are interested or have any queries you can…

    -Respond to this thread
    -Reply on the blog I pointed out
    -Send me a private message on IGT

    Thanks a lot
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

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    As a guy who's tried to sell through this forum, let me give you a sample of the kind of the responses you'll get :

    1) nice...giv me 4 5.5 K
    2) will buy it in june 2016 whn money comes, u will wait?
    3) send me pictures, how is condition, have you sung lullabies to it while unicorns provided choral music, does it play, can it contest polls.....
    4) ok, i want it, i don't want it, i want it, i don't want it...

    Feel free to add to this as and when you get them.
  3. guitardoctor

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    Hehe... I think It's a damn good deal for the guy on an ultra tight budget to get a "real" guitar and not a givson, while at the same time having the assurance of a warranty... So c'mon noobs, pick it up while you can!!
  4. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Guitar sold. End of thread.
  5. Yaki

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    hey bro i can pay 7000Rs/- i am gonna take it in august 2012 reply before this date if you are interested

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