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    Hi, its a great plesure to be part of a wonderful group as this. the guitar is a fantastic instrument and i must say it simply pulls people together.

    I have been playing the guitar for the past 13 years or rather i ve had a guitar for that long...i was initially into playing leads ...very simple ones....basically replicate a simple piece / film song. thats because i ve never had a proper training in 31 yrs and past 6 months i ve been learning chords...i ve always wanted to learn i ve picked up some basics and it truely is an experience..rather filling i did say. now im scouting around for songs and the tabs and try playing em.the rythm is wat i need to work on. and i ve also improved my speed in leads, thanks to my teacher who is very patient and understanding.

    this forum is very helpful in getting the tabs that i i lookk forward to a lot of help from all guitar lovers.


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    im in the look out to buy a second hand electric in bangalore and have a budget of about 5k..kinda simple one , dont intend for any hard playing or performances...prefer one with a wammy bar too..pls get in touch

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