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    I am a beginner on the steel acoustic guitar so kindly help me along and pardon my silly question if I do ask them. I have trained in Hawaian guitar/Mohan Veena and play the 10 hole diatonic harmonica upto a decent level.
    Now my training in classical music slightly impedes my growth toward western concepts so I would also like to talk about the comparison between the aforesaid 2 topics.
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  3. Vader

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    @ shaun
    hey shaun!
    welcome to IGT

    looking at ur background
    your musical knowledge is probably superior to mine :)
    but i'll assist as far as possible
    ask all queries here
    Beginner's Q&A Forum
    also you dont have to be so formal here :)
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    @priyadarshi: Learning of Western and Indian classical don't have to impede each other.

    You are probably more used to a different tonality of scales at this point. That is why you feel the western scale is a little weird. Keep at it. Once you get into Modal Theory, you will find out how it all fits together. Some of those exotic scales are cool like Spanish Phrygian, Arabic, Hungarian Minor etc. Just listen to more variety of music to get used to the odd note arrangements.

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