great refurnished amps starting frm Rs 2000

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  1. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    guys i hav bought a lot of gud refurnished amps frm a guitar shop in dubai as my dad's in shipment business i didnt hav to pay the duties on em ... i'll take only 10% as my profit over all these amps... remember these are gud refurnished, almost new amps with manufacturers like fender roland and yamaha... i have about 15 in quantity... and the prices are as follows

    {fender,bill brothers,fernandes,roland,yamaha} 15 watts [price: 2000-2500]
    25 or 27 watts [price: 3000-4000]
    35 watts [price: 5000-7000]

    guys the prices of the amps depend upon the manufacturer, no of effects and the size of the amp... in a normal guitar shop u'd find these amps about 70% above the original price... if anyone is interested plz reply to this post and if you are not... you might know sum one who is...
  2. munimak

    munimak New Member

    hey lsn im frm karachi and im intersted in the amplifiers
    the 35 watt bill brothers amp
    is 5000 the final price or are you ready to negotiate
    im serious about buying
  3. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    im sending u a personal msg with my no... im frm khi too... call me n we'll negotiate the price... i u want a simple amp without distortion and reverb that i can araange for less than 5000 but that bill brother amp has distortion and overdrive too so its price is fix dude...
  4. haris

    haris New Member


    yaar i wanna buy the lil an amateur so wanna start of wid the least costly....are u still selling it???

    i really wanna can u give me ur details...

  5. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    yup im still selling em... u can call me up on 0345 3139853... n for all the guys out there who are interested.. dun pm me any more call me up directly on this no. my name's Bilal.. i can provide u guys with guitars, bass and amps and i can guarantee you that the prices wud be at least 30% less than the prices u get in the guitar shops in khi..
  6. munimak

    munimak New Member

    hey bilal can u gemme a worlock revenge or beast
    i hav the graphic series but i want the beast or revenge
  7. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    nope cant... thses are electric guitars worth 5-6 ks... i can get u bc rich/gibson/fender wateva u want but its gonna cost alot... if u want a BC RICH amplifier... i can arrange that for ya... i wud cost u around 7.5 k its 35 watts i guess but believe me its worth having..
  8. munimak

    munimak New Member

    how much will a cost me
  9. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    atleast 30% over the original cost... thats for a new guitar..
  10. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    dude im really interested in ur bc rich guitars... i wanna get one for myself... pm me your no. i'll call u up
  11. maxsteel_2050

    maxsteel_2050 New Member

    hEY i'm intEReSted iN buYInG a aMpliFier (2000-2500) ranGe...
    aND ibAneZ 170DX
    IF you caN pROVIDe tHEN rePLY bACk on THIS tHREaD...

    i"Ve gOT oFFers as:
    ZOOM 606 Effect ProceSSOR (3000)
    roLAnd aMPliFier 15W (2000)
    iBAneZ (9000)

    rePly sOON
  12. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member

    hi maxsteel r u talking about ibanez grg 170 dx in 9000 rs first hand original . Can u tell me where r u getting it in Delhi
  13. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    yamaha AR1500 25Watts for 2800 rs
    Bc Rich 30-35 watts amp 3000 rs
    guyatone 30 watts 3000 rs
    all of them are n mint condition

    ive bin buying n selling guitars fr over 6 months now n i havent came across ne ibanez 170dx for 9000rs dude... it must be a fake... korean or chinese made... chck that out first... ive got a genuine good qualty thats usa or japan made... dun remember it ryt now... i sell only genuine guitars and amplifiers dude n i can guarantee u the lowest price u can find anywhere in khi
  14. dave_hotshot

    dave_hotshot New Member

    yo i'm from karachi.... i wanted an ibanez GRG170 and Ibanez 10G Amp... do u have these two items? ... if so then please tell me the price. . . .
  15. yana209

    yana209 New Member

    so no luck for lahorites?

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