Great deals for Fernandes and epiphone les paul korea made

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    For sale!!Fernandes and epiphone les paul korea made

    Hi guys, I am selling 2 of my axe. Can't bear to part with them but need cash. so no choice. Interested parties please email me at Thanks!!!

    1) selling a Fernandes, The Function floyd rose Strat FST-65. This is a vintage strat S-S-H setup. made in Japan. Alder body. Maple neck with rosewood fret board. It's no longer in production and according to their catalog it's made in 1985!
    Truely a collectable. Truss rod is working, pickups sounds awesome. No dead frets, fret looks like they will last another 5 or 8years. The playability of the neck is amazing. Condition 7.5/10 considering its age, 1 or 2 small chip off at the back of headstock and pick scratches. Serial number L018828. Selling at Rp 18500 free shipping. comes with gig bag

    2) Selling a Made in Korea Epiphone Les Paul. Condition is about 8/10. Low action. It is really becoming rare to find les paul made in korea. This guit is made at the Unsung Plant, Korea March 2000 Production Number: 0173 according to guitar dater project. I assume this could be one of the 1 or 2 batches of les paul made in the Unsung Plant. It sounds good and what amaze me the most is the playability and craftmanship of this les paul. I used to have another epiphone les paul standard mic...its comes nothing close to the mik. If you are looking for a Les paul mik, this could be the axe you are looking for. Selling for rp 16000 free shipping and gig bag.
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    do you still have that epiphone lp? if u still have it and want to sell it then plz post a better quality pic.
    i am interested.

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