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    I don't know the "who's who" of IGT so I'm addressing this to IGT in general...
    Recently I got used to making poems and saving 'em in "My Documents" and a few days back I had my hard disk formatted to re-install XP.You really don't know how thankful I am coz I had posted most of those poems/songs (including all of my favourites) on IGT!!!
    Apart from that the Poetry Forum has some serious potential,contains great songs and poems and are absolutely original.So you guys (n gals) have done a great job in first creating and second maintaining the forum...and eventhough it sounds like I'm praising it b'coz it acted as a back up for my work,I really mean it..
    Apart from that the appreciation is really really good.The comments are helpful too.

    Eventhough it may not mean that much to many ppl,it means more than heaven to know that I can have my poems back.Thank you!
    Of course I'll now make more backups (including maintaining a diary of my poems) and will definitely keep posting them at IGT (like it or not!) as one of the best backups.

    Forgive me for the all too lenghty "grateful"..thank you says it all...
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    omg *sob* *sniff* how sweet.

    You're welcome .. :cry1:
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    that's gr8!! <3
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    Thanks, glad you got the peoms back!

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