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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by nehemiah, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. nehemiah

    nehemiah New Member

    What do the xperts here think of the Granada brand of acoustic guitars?
    :think: The piece I have in mind is a medium size exquisitely Chinese built cutaway. It costs a reasonable 2500 and sounds fine too, well to a beginner like me the sound between two guitars isn’t any different. In terms of finishing the guitar is streets above the local hobners or givsons for the same price or above. You can actually see your reflection in the guitar. What I wish to know from IGT is this, what are the long-term prospects of this brand and does anyone here own one. And yes, with the guitar comes a T-shirt at no extra cost, whoopee!
  2. Wolverine

    Wolverine New Member

    Rock On

    I bought a granada Jumbo last month for 3500. It's a sunburst and looks real good. I think Granada guitars are very good. And sound awesome. Considering i got a Jumbo, a guitar case, a t-shirt n a guide book for starters it's one amazin bargain!!!!! I recommend it to u dude!!!!!!! :rock:

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  3. nehemiah

    nehemiah New Member

    where did you buy it from
  4. __DiStUrBeD__

    __DiStUrBeD__ _(¯`·._ÇrãÇKhËäD_.·´¯)_

    My friend bought it from Furtados...(Metro)...Same deal...I am sure he got the jumbo same as Wolverine...the sunburst one...
    I am planning to get the same one..
  5. dj_007_2

    dj_007_2 New Member

    me to i bought granada acoustic prd-43eq its an awesome guitar for sure
  6. darthsirius

    darthsirius C|-|UTIYA no.1

    i got a granada is very good and no probs till now :cool:
  7. naveenbsq

    naveenbsq New Member

    I have a Granada PRS-1 and it sounds amazing. One of the best sounding guitars i have heard. It has a real difference compared to many other acoustic guitars from range of 2000-8000. It is a pretty small and light guitar though with just 18 frets. But it is just so perfect for me. I am intermediate level player who learned mostly on my own. Many of my buddies just got surprised at the sound it brings. I do record teeny tiny bits here and there and this guitar is just so perfect for recording. I got it for around 3000. I will definitely recommend this.
  8. jay_ingale

    jay_ingale New Member

    Hey, its nice to know so many people like Granda guitars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've bought a granada PRLD-18 dreadnought last month from Furtado's (Mumbai), and i find it really easy learning on this guitar.
    And yeah, its really way better than the local Hobners and Givsons and Grasons and what not. It also came with a 3yr warranty, and a bag!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers to Granada!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. fena

    fena New Member

    From my experience --- You can get good deals on !!ACOUSTIC GUITARS!! from local brands like givson, hobners and granada etc and for beginners, you should really go for them.. i've played a few of these and they sound very well and feel very comfortable considering their price range..but mind you they don't last very long, maybe 2-3 years (depends on how well you take care of them)
    a cousin of mine bought a hobner for 3000 bucks back in 1999, they still sound great!! but that's only if you are lucky, veeeerrryy lucky :D
  10. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    hey nehemiah! Granada guitars are good man! the basic one you talking about is good to start., the tone, fretboard, body everything., its good. even the jumbo i have experience. for most of my friends i always prefer granada! u dont have to have any questions in your mind! just go and get it!

    and no comparing Givson, hobners, gb&a guitars with granada! granada's tone is totally different comparing to these.,

    and does it comes along with T-shirt? i missed it. can i get just the t-shirt alone?? :)
  11. fuelron

    fuelron New Member

    i am also planning to buy a guitar....i am a begineer, and my budget is 3-4k. From where should i buy it in mumbai and which brand to prefer?
  12. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    furtados, mumbai.
  13. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    My first guitar is an acousto-electric from granada.. It entertained me so much when I was a beginner.. It's always close to my heart.. New guitarists can go for it for sure.. :)
  14. abhinavchaurey

    abhinavchaurey New Member

    Hi friends,

    This is my first post.
    I got a Granada PRLD-18 sunburst from city indore @Rs.7000.
    I am just zero in knowledge of guitars and never touched a guitar before buying it.
    After looking on internet i saw that i have been cheated by shopkeeper as it prices lower then i paid.
    Please let me know that are the prices ok?
    I got a good padded cover with it.
    You can see my guitar on Guitar Sholay theme.mp4 - YouTube

    Thank you
  15. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    hello abhinavchaurey, its nearly 5500Rs
  16. At how much price had u sealed the deal?
  17. abhinavchaurey

    abhinavchaurey New Member

    i got it at Rs.6800

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